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faith-filled family travels usa, life is a journey...From the moment our family decided to leave normalcy behind and travel across the USA in an RV for a year, we’ve been answering questions.

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If you’re wondering how we made the decision to travel for a year and/or how we prepared for this trip, Start Here.

If you’re wondering where we went and the route we took, check out:

Where Did we Go?

Our Route and Travel Days

If you’re wondering what RV we chose or how we liked living in an RV, you can follow one or both of these links:

Our Home on Wheels

Living in an RV

If you’re planning your own road trip and wondering where to go in each state, check out:

Things to Do in each State

If you’re wondering where we went, check out What we did in each State.

If you’d like to see the diversity and beauty of our county without leaving the comfort of your home, take a look at Photos across the USA.

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