A Travel Bucket List for Kentucky – What to See in the Bluegrass State

Do you have a travel bucket list for destinations across the USA or Abroad?

Or how about a travel bucket list specifically for Kentucky?

If you’re heading to Kentucky and don’t know where you should go or what you should see,

Faith-Filled Family Travels USA - Travel Bucket List for KY

Here’s Faith-Filled Family’s Top Places to Go and Sites to see in the Bluegrass State.

For Nature-Lovers

*****explore one of the world’s largest known cave system with over 400 miles of mapped passages

****stand on this tri-state peak and watch the sunrise

****explore this cave via jeep, tram, or zipline

**In Daniel Boone National Forest, you can:

****see “the great natural sandstone arch that stands like a sentinel over this mountain highway”

***see the “Niagara of the South” and witness a moonbow in the only place in the western hemisphere

** visit the world’s hottest rock climbing spot

**visit the “Grand Canyon of the South” – the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi

For a Scenic Drive or a Roadside Attraction

**travel the highway home to a number of country music artists

For History-Buffs

***visit the home of the third largest Shaker community in the US between 1805 and 1910

***tour America’s first site restored in honor of a first lady

**visit the birthplace of our nation’s 16th president

For City-Slickers

Visit the horse capital of the world

*****see a working horse farm and learn all about horses

Stop by Louisville and

**stroll across this bridge spanning the second largest river in the US and step into Jeffersonville, IN

**see the world’s largest baseball and tour factory that has made baseball bats over century

*visit the oldest, largest, and foremost museum of art in Kentucky

**tour one of our nation’s most beautiful capitols

For Planes, Trains, and Automobile Aficionados

****visit the museum and tour the factory of “America’s sports car”

For the Uniqueness of Kentucky

**tour the Maker’s Mark in Loretto and taste their world renown bourbon or visit the Bourbon Capital of the World

**experience Kentucky, watch artisans, and shop for the prefect piece of folk art

**marvel at the size of Noah’s Ark

**stop by the place where the KFC secret recipe was first served

Here’s just a number of things that I found of places to go and sites to see in the Bluegrass State. However, there’s so much more waiting for you in Kentucky.

Do you live in Kentucky? Have you visited the Bluegrass State?
If you do or you have,
let us know what we should add to our Travel Bucket List for KY.

If you’re curious about how this series can to be and/or want to know what the asterisks stand for and the primary resources I used to create this list, head over to the introductory post of this series here.

As for specific resources for this post, I used lists from  www.southernliving.com and www.kentucky.com

As for next week, get ready for
places to go and sites to see in The Mountain State.

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  1. Thank you for this list. We just got back from Kentucky, and with only a week, were able to see only a few things. Your list makes us want to go back and see more!

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