Another RV Road Trip Someday

Did you come back this week to hear my secret? or

Did you land here from an internet search?

Either way, today I’m letting my faith-filled followers in on a little secret…

Since returning home from our first RV road trip adventure, Gary and I knew we wanted to feel the freedom of the open road again.

We wanted to take another RV road trip someday.

Someday before the two of us were too old, too feeble, or too set in our ways.


someday will be here before we know it.

In July of 2017, Gary took the first step in turning another road trip into a reality.

Gary found a deal in Florida. He and Buddy flew to the Sunshine State, checked out an RV and a dually, signed all the paperwork, and drove home our next home on wheels.

Heartland Gateway 3200RS

Our next home on wheels is
a Heartland Gateway 3200RS
which we currently tow with a Ford F-350.

I wish I could give you a tour of our new home on wheels today, but the only pictures we have of every room are the ones that were taken at the dealership (which are on Gary’s phone and Gary is at work) and pictures aren’t the best because the interior of this RV wasn’t the best when Gary bought it. There was a lot of cleaning that needed to be done before I was ready to take our next home on wheels on its maiden voyage.

Our Heartland Gateway 3200RS maiden voyage wasn’t far from home.

Hernando Point Campground, Mississippi

Hernando Point Campground
in northwest Mississippi

Our maiden voyage went well.

There were a few hiccups. Things we forgot about RV living. Things we didn’t know about this used RV.

But there were more things that we hadn’t forgotten:
like the togetherness, the changing scenery of your backyard, and the freedom of living in a home on wheels.

Hernando Point campground alongside Arkabutla Lake

Hernando Point Campground
along Arkabutla Lake

We have lots to do to get ready, but someday this fall we will be hitting the road again full-time.

One of the things I want to do to get ready is to have our Travel Bucket Lists completed for each state.
Each week I hope to add another state to Faith-Filled Family’s Travel Bucket List for across the USA.

Bookmark this site or subscribe to this blog, then come back each week to find out the top places to go and sights to see in each state.

Someday is just around the corner for all of us.
What do you want to do before you’re too old, too feeble, or too set in your ways?


6 thoughts on “Another RV Road Trip Someday

  1. Looking forward to your adventure Robin! I am so very happy that you and Gary are able to do this and praying for both your continued health! Before I’m too old or too feeble is a lot of hiking trails to discover in this wonderful United States, Ireland, Japan, Norway and Peru. But there is a lot of getting back in shape after this year. Keep blogging! Love the updates!

    • Thanks for the prayers for continued health and for the encouragement to continue blogging! No plans to visit Ireland, Japan, Norway, or Peru but you can definitely join us for hikes across the USA.

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