Big Rig Campgrounds in Narragansett, RI

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We are embracing the RV lifestyle by setting up temporary residency in Narragansett, RI – one of the US Campgrounds for Big Rigs.

Where are We?

  • Welcome to Narragansett!
  • a small town in Rhode Island
  • that is located along the eastern bank of the Pettaquamscutt River all the way to the Narragansett Bay
  • which is best known for its beaches and summer time activities
  • with a population that reportedly doubles during the summer months

Why did we choose to temporarily dwell in Narragansett in the fall ?

  • Because I couldn’t find accommodations for our big rig in Providence.
  • Because Belle and Buddy requested more beach time.
  • Because the town of Narragansett boasts that it has four of the best beaches in Rhode Island

How did we choose to dwell at Fisherman’s Memorial State Park in Narragansett ?

  • Because this campground was one of the few campgrounds still open in the Northeast after the Columbus Day Weekend.


Since many campers have stopped camping,
we found ourselves without neighbors.
I must say I like the open spaces and empty campsites.

  • Because this campground advertised large pull-thrus, which could accommodate up to 66 ft.


Upon our arrival, not only did we find amble space for our big rig
but we also found a paved and mostly level drive.

What did we find to do at Fisherman’s Memorial State Park?

In the mornings, I worked daydreamed at the kitchen table while staring out of the window.

fisherman's memorial state park campground

When Buddy awoke, not only did he attend to Fannie, but he also loved on Fannie.
My son didn’t know that he was being watched my his mum at her daydreaming window.

boy taking care of his dogboy loving on his dog

Once everyone was awake and breakfast dishes were washed, school was in session for Belle, Buddy, and me.  While we studied, Gary prepped for dinner.  We’re having steak and gravy for dinner tonight – just in case anyone is in the area and wants to join us for dinner.  While Belle and Buddy completed their school work, Gary and I took a walk around our deserted neighborhood.

fisherman's memorial state park campground

I enjoyed photographing the bare trees, but . . .

what happened to the colors of a New England Fall?

(Somewhere at some time, someone said that Hurricane Irene, which arrived in the U.S. in August 2011,
stripped many trees bare before the leaves had a chance to showcase their beautiful and vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows.

What did we find to do in Rhode Island?

Once school was dismissed,
our family of four hit the beaches in the Ocean State.

How long did we stay in Rhode Island?

Unfortunately, only two days.

 Not quite ready to leave our temporary address at Fisherman’s Memorial State Park,
Belle and I quickly completed our departure chores so we could take a walk with Fannie before we had to leave RI.

 We found an observation deck on top of a hill.  We climbed the hill and . . .

fisherman's memorial state parkfence shadow

stood on the deck.  We strained our eyes to see Narragansett Bay in the distance.


How did our family of four like Fisherman’s Memorial State Park? 

 We liked the location, the space, and the scenery.
But we loved the wind in Rhode Island.DSCN7558

How did Fannie like her temporary home in Rhode Island?

DSCN7536DSCN7406 DSCN7401

Fannie loved the warm sunshine, the green grass, and the pleasant breezes.

How did our family like Rhode Island?

On the day of departure, from atop of the observation deck, Belle and I saw our home on wheels pulling out of the campground without us. Once again my Knight/her Daddy did not leave us behind.

No one was ready to leave this campground, this town, or this state.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Before we virtually depart Rhode Island, I need to share the beaches along Narragansett Bay with you.

Tomorrow, I will meet you at the WINDIEST beach we visited in Rhode Island (and the windiest beach we experienced throughout our travels across the U.S.A.)


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