Blogging Lesson # 2 – Leaping into Cyperspace

A Blogging Expedition requires leaving the Library and leaping into Cyberspace.
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As I have already mentioned, I am new to this blogging field.

For me, it is a battle field. And the two opposing teams are books and the internet.

I’m willing to embrace cyberspace, but I’m more comfortable in the library.



I have loved books since I was a child. I love everything about books:

  • from the colorful, removable jackets of hardcovers to the flexible spines of paperbacks.
  • from the weight of a book in my hand to the thickness and feel of each page.  (When packing for our road trip adventure, I discovered that every once counts.  Thus, I even learned to like eBooks.)

I love that no two books are the same and every book has a secret power.

Many books have the power to teach you, others to touch you, and a few have the power to transform you.

Some books even have the power to transport you to different times or mysterious places.

I love books so much that books are everywhere in our home.

Since we are a family of readers, every book shelf in our home is filled to capacity.

We have so many books that I have resorted to hiding book shelves in our closets to hide our hoard.

We even have books packed in bins that are stored in the attic and in the garage.

The books in the attic are childhood favorites which Belle and Buddy have outgrown but can’t seem to part with yet.

The books in the garage are waiting to be shared with friends or sold to another book lover.

While teaching and learning Greek and Latin roots with Belle and Buddy, I discovered that a lover of books is called
a bibliophile.

Hello, my name is Robin.  And I am a bibliophile.  I may not want or buy designer clothes, shoes, or handbags,
but I do collect, hoard, and value books.

Books are a passion I inherited from my dad.

I hope I have passed down this passion to my children.

Despite my passion for books and the comfort I find in the library, I have stepped out of the library (because I discovered the library couldn’t teach me how to blog) and taken a leap into cyberspace. carnegie library in mount washington branch, pittsburgIn cyberspace, I have found tips, tutorials, forums, and tools to teach me how to set up a blog and become a blogger.

I bought an online tutorial to teach me how to blog.

But buying a tutorial didn’t teach me.  I had to discipline myself to read and study.

Then I had to carry out what I had learned.

image of lake in idaho I have learned a lot about blogging, but it has been a struggle.

In fact, as I struggled yesterday, I considered raising a white flag on this blogging battlefield.

I share this struggle with you for two reasons:

First, I feel a calling and a challenge to find my voice and share our story.  Our Road Trip Adventure is behind us, but my journey is not over.  Our travel adventure plays only a part of my journey in life.  And this blogging expedition is yet another part of my journey.

Secondly, I want to share the ups and the downs of blogging. This is not easy for me.  Like many new endeavors in life, I am struggling.  But I’m also praying for stepping stones to guide me.

I thought about raising a white flag and giving up on blogging,
but I’ve decided that I’m not ready to surrender yet.

I’m learning and embracing the advantages of cyberspace slowly,

sunset and library

 but I haven’t canceled my library card.

Until we meet again,

4 thoughts on “Blogging Lesson # 2 – Leaping into Cyperspace

  1. Robin, Oh my, please don’t wave that white flag, instead continue with the red, white and blue of our beautiful country. So excited to once again continue on this journey with you.

  2. Please don’t raise the white flag. You are much too talented with words to let it go. Enjoy reading it each day.

    • Thanks for the battle cry for me to continue writing. Along this journey, I am discovering that the greatest challenges with frequent frustrations often result in the most meaningful rewards.

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