USS Kidd Veterans Memorial

The USS Kidd Veterans Memorial was a Surprising Location for a Spontaneous History Lesson.
After our guided tour of the Louisiana State Capitol and even after we lingered on the 27th floor of the capitol building, we did have time to stop by the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial before ending our sightseeing adventures
in Baton Rouge.

LA veterans memorial in baton rouge

A walk around this memorial turned into American History class.

LA memorial plaza

We learned about :
Major Wars and Armed Forces; Destroyers and Fighter-Bombers;
and Ultimate Sacrifices made by Men and Women who fought for OUR Freedom.

revolutionary war memorial

 The Revolutionary War

united states army seal

The United States Army was formed in June of 1775).
The motto of the Army is “This We’ll Defend”.

 US navy seal

The United States Navy was formed in October of 1775.
The motto of the Navy is “Non sibi sed patriae” which means Not for self but for country).

US marine corps seal

The United States Marine Corps was formed in November of 1775.
The motto of the Marine Corps is “Semper Fidelis” which means Always Faithful.

us coast guard seal

The US Coast Guard was formed in 1790.
The motto of the US Coast Guard is “Semper Paratus” which means Always Ready.

mexican-american war memorial

The Mexican-American War

american civil war memorial

The American Civil War

spanish-american war memorial

The Spanish-American War

great world war memorial

The Great World War

LA memorial plazaLA memorial plaza

ww II memorial in baton rouge

World War II

uss kidd in baton rouge jolly roger flag on uss kidd pirate kidd on uss kidd

The USS Kidd was a World War II Fletcher class destroyer which was in action from 1943 to 1964.

us airforce seal

The United States Air Force was formed in 1947.
The motto of the US Air Force is Aim High . . . Fly-Fight-Win.

korean war memorial in baton rouge

The Korean War

vietnam war memorial in baton rouge

The Vietnam War

fighter-bomber at LA plaza memorial

An A-7E Corsair II Fighter-Bomber and a boy who wants to learn how to Fly

LA memorial plaza

The Persian Gulf Wars and War on Terrorism

9/11 memorial in baton rouge


eternal flame at LA memorial plaza

an Eternal Flame on top of the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial
which was a surprising location for a spontaneous history lesson
that revealed that “Freedom is not Free”
Freedom comes at a Cost

Louisiana State Capitol

Before we left home on a travel adventure across the USA, our family talked about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.

Our children wanted to visit state capitals and tour state capitol buildings.

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The Old State Capitol in Louisiana

The Old State Capitol in Louisiana was a surprise for our family of four.

Gary and I planned only three nights in Livingston, Louisiana.
This meant we only had two days to explore Baton Rouge.
Even though I didn’t have much time to research Baton Rouge,
I was surprised by how much I found for us to see, explore, and learn.
I found more sightseeing adventures in Baton Rouge
than we could possibly experience in two days time.

We began our sightseeing adventures at the Louisiana’s Old State Capitol.

LA old state capitol LA old state capitol

We were surprised to find high on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River,
a capitol building which looked like a medieval fortress.

close-up LA old capital LA old state capitol close-up LA old capitol

We were not surprised to learn
that this capitol building has won many architectural awards.

Once inside, we were surprised to find . . .

cast-iron staircase inside LA old state capitol

an impressive cast-iron staircase leading to . . .

stained glass inside LA old capitol

a colorful display of stained glass.

After checking-in,
we were surprised to discover that most rooms were open for exploring.
We started our self-guided tour in the stunning rotunda.

inside LA old capitol

We were surprised to see and hear about Louisiana’s colorful past
through paintings of past governors
who came to life in an interactive exhibit in the Governor’s Portrait Gallery.

In the Governor’s Office, we were surprised to learn
that John J. Audubon lived four months at Oakley Plantation
and painted 32 of his famous bird pictures in Louisiana.
I was surprised to see a sampling of Audubon’s paintings of Birds of America
in the Governor’s Office.
(But I wasn’t surprised that these paintings didn’t photograph well.)

In a special showing,
“River and Reverie”
Paintings of the Mississippi River

river and reverie special art exhibit in LA old capitol

we were surprised to see that according to artist Rolland Golden

rolland golden artwork

rolland golden artwork

“. . . the (Mississippi) River is rarely brown.  It’s reflecting color in the sky.”

But what surprised us the most at Louisiana’s Old State Captiol
was how we were drawn into The Legacy of Huey Long.
In this exhibit, it was up to us to decide:

exhibit of huey long in LA old capitol long exhibit in LA old capitol

 Was Huey Long a savior? Or a destructive tyrant?

hwo shot huey long

And Who shot Huey Long?

 LA old capitol

As our family walked away from Louisiana’s Old State Capitol,
not only were we surprised by how much we enjoyed a visit to a medieval fortress
built on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River,
but we were also surprised that there was more to see in Baton Rouge.

RV Travel across America – Louisiana

On our RV travel across America, Louisiana was our next destination after spending a week in Biloxi.

shores of biloxi, MS

For our 35th Travel Day,

MS-LA state line signour destination was Louisiana, we knew where we wanted to go.
We wanted to go New Orleans.
However,  I was unable to find us a big rig, budget friendly campground
with decent reviews and in a safe area in or around New Orleans.

where to go in LA - new orleans or baton rouge?

So, after several family discussions,
we decided to bypass New Orleans and
choose Baton Rouge as our sightseeing destination in Louisiana.
However, once again,
I was unable to find a campground in our sightseeing destination,
but I found a campground within 30 miles of Baton Rouge.

After uneventful travels for 123 miles,
we safely arrived at Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, Louisiana.
(click here to see a map of our travels thus far)

When we arrive at a campground, there are generally signs
pointing you to the office and directing you to stop and sign-in.
I frequently handled making reservations prior to our arrival,
and my Knight always handled check-in upon our arrival.
Check-in required answering a series of standard questions.
Name?  How long are you staying? 
Type of RV?  Length of RV?  License plate number? 
Any children?  Any pets?
Offices typically had a window and the office worker would often look out the window
to glance at your RV before assigning a particular site.
During our check-in at Lakeside RV Park,
the office worker not only glanced out the window,
but she also stepped outside to take a look.
She wanted to see the end of our big rig.
Wanting us to have plenty of room,
the office worker double-checked the spaces available
and assigned us the longest site at the campground,

lakeside RV park, livingston, LA

which was once . . .

old boat ramp at lakeside rv park, LA

the boat ramp.

lakeside RV park, livingston, LAswan and its reflection

Lakeside RV Park in Livingston, Louisiana
proved to be a big rig, budget friendly campground
to park our home on wheels as we traveled across America.

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