Rain in Maine before departing for New Hampshire

There is rain in Maine before departing for New Hampshire, and Gary is not looking forward to preparing for departure in the rain.  Luckily, it was only drizzling rain when I walked Fannie this morning.  However, Fannie is more than damp from the drizzling rain from our walk.  Apparently, Fannie has Buddy’s logic when taking a walk – a zigzag path through every puddle of water and mud.  After our walk, Fannie was a wet and muddy and smelly mess.   With no time to bathe a mutt on a travel day, I left Fannie outside even though it is raining.  Currently, she is lying under the RV lying in a puddle as she watches over our home on wheels and protects her pack.  Despite the drizzling rain, I think Fannie is just glad to be outside.  I did not step outside to snap a picture of our dirty but happy mutt, but I should have.

As I mentioned earlier, Gary is not looking forward to preparing for our departure in the rain, but today is a travel day and we are heading back to New Hampshire.  But we are not returning to Pine Acres RV Resort in Raymond, New Hampshire.









Instead we are leaving Saco, Maine, and headed to Northwood, New Hampshire.  With a distance of only fifty-two miles, our tenth travel day will be our shortest travel day yet.

We’ve looked again at our “Top 10 List of Sights to See in the Granite State”, but we haven’t made sight-seeing plans yet.  However, our temporary address in Northwood is only thirty miles from Concord and Manchester.

At this point, we are just hoping for drier surroundings in New Hampshire.

I’ll see you next time at the campground.

Traveling south but staying in Maine

We are traveling south but staying in Maine. We left Trenton, Maine, yesterday with fog and rain.  I don’t know how New Englanders would describe the rain, but in the South we would say that it was spitting, which is just enough rain to be nasty.

With the rain and my reluctance to leave Acadia National Park, I did not take a single picture yesterday.  I also took the back seat in our dually on our 9th travel day.  Belle has been volunteering to be co-pilot and navigator for quite some time.  So, Belle took the position in the front seat for the first time yesterday.   To assist Belle as co-pilot, the pilot printed directions with pictures for our travel route.  Thus, Gary nor I doubted that our daughter would have any difficulties serving as co-pilot and navigator.

However, Gary and I quickly realized that we hadn’t discussed or taught our daughter about interstate and highway signs and numbers, clearance heights of bridges, or warning signs.  Not only was Gary pilot but also teacher on our 9th travel day.  While Gary piloted his family to our next destination, he taught his daughter her first lesson in Driver’s Ed.

Once Gary discussed the importance of being aware of the surroundings and reading all warning signs, our travel day became quite comical when Belle went overboard reading every warning sign out loud, even the signs indicating a “Bump”.  And we drove over numerous bumps.

We did encounter one warning sign which surprised all of us.  The sign read “Unpaved Road”.  Believe it or not, along Highway 3 in Maine, we drove off-road for miles.  I wish I could have captured the stares we encountered as we drove through one small town after another “off-roading” in our dually with our home on wheels trailing behind us.

The comedy act from the front seat continued throughout our drive as Belle announced each approaching town or city in Maine, but added a different state.  According to Belle, we drove through Augusta, Georgia; Gardiner, Montana; Richmond, Virginia; Brunswick, Georgia; and Portland, Oregon on our 9th travel day.

Since we arrived safely at our next destination, which is Saco, Maine, Belle passed her first navigator test.

When we arrived at the campsite, Silver Springs Campground, it was raining.  And it is still raining this morning.  The weather forecast is for rain until Monday.  I suppose we shall see how much togetherness we can withstand while we are trapped inside the RV, including Fannie.

I hope everyone has a blessed and dry Sunday.
Until we meet again,

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