Free Sightseeing Adventures in Biloxi, MS

Free Sightseeing Adventures in Biloxi, MS was a must since Gary and I made a unanimous decision to go over budget on campground costs in Mississippi, so we could have walking access to the beaches in Biloxi.

We stayed at Cajun RV Park on Beach Boulevard.

Since we went over budget, encountered an unexpected, and costly expense, we didn’t have our usual funds for sightseeing.

When the weather didn’t allow FREE fun the beach, I went on a mission to find FREE sightseeing adventures in Biloxi.

Having Fun for Free in Biloxi

  1. a stop at the Biloxi Visitor Center
  2. views of the Biloxi Lighthouse
  3. a peek at Beauvoir
  4. Walking architectural tour of historic downtown Biloxi
  5. a stop at the Katrina Memorial
  6. Busted Wrench Garage
  7. attend a Mardi Gras Parade

Photos and Facts from our Sightseeing Adventures in Biloxi

1. Biloxi Visitors Center

biloxi visitors center

This visitor center was unlike any other visitor we saw during our road trip adventure across the USA.   The Biloxi Visitor Center was rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.  It is designed like a southern plantation home, sits along Beach Boulevard, and has an ocean front view.

biloxi visitors centerwelcome to biloxi visitors center

We were greeted at the door by a southern belle who was dressed in a hoop skirt and talked with a southern drawl.  This southern belle was delightful, immediately invited us inside, and was most eager to help us enjoy our stay in Biloxi.

Inside the visitor center not only did we pick up a city map and a couple of sightseeing brochures, but we also decided to check out the museum.  Throughout our travels across America, the Biloxi Visitors Center was the only visitor center with a museum.

museum inside biloxi visitors centermuseum in biloxi visitors center

This museum had exhibits, video clips, and even an audio guide.  Surprising to us all, this museum was FREE.
For an hour or more we explored the Biloxi Visitors Center museum and learned about:

  • the year 1699 when French explorer Iberville met the Biloxi Indians;
  • the early 1700s and Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Bienville, who was the governor of LA and the founder of New Orleans;
  • the mid 1800s and the lumber industry in Biloxi;
  • the 1880s and races with White Winged Queens (a.k.a. schooners);
  • the year 1848 when the Biloxi Lighthouse was constructed;
  • after the Civil War when former president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, found a place to call home in Biloxi at a mansion known as Beauvoir;
  • the late 1800s and early 1900s when the seafood industry in Biloxi boomed;
  • the early 1900s, when the “Mad Potter of Biloxi”, George E. Ohr, “packed away thousands of his creations, with instructions that the crates would not be opened for fifty years, when he predicted that the world would finally be ready for his vision”
  • the unforgotten years of 1965 and 2005 when Hurricane Camille and Hurricane Katrina left a wake of destruction in Biloxi.
  • throughout the years, Biloxi developed a rich architectural heritage due to the diversity of the people who have made home in Biloxi.

(I still can’t believe what we learned for FREE at the Biloxi Visitors Center museum.)

biloxi lighthouse

Before we left the visitors center, we climbed a grand staircase in order to take in the view from the second floor balcony.

2.  Views of the Biloxi Lighthouse and the Gulf were FREE.

Reportedly, the Biloxi Lighthouse is one of the most photographed sites along the Gulf Coast.

3.  A Peek and a Photo of Beauvoir.

beach blvd, biloxiThroughout the week, we had driven by the this long and stately white fence with . . .

gate of beauvoir

an enormous green gate.

After our stop at the Visitors Center we discovered that Jefferson Davis’ last home, Beauvoir, was behind this white fence and green gate.  So, one afternoon we stopped by to take a sneak peek through the gate and over the fence.

former confederacy president davis' home in biloxibeauvoir in biloxi, MS

4.  Unable to comprehend the destructive nature of hurricanes.  We stopped by the Katrina Memorial.

katrina memorial in biloxiWe saw 12 foot wall and couldn’t believe that water reached that level during Hurricane Katrina.

close-up of tile mosaic from katrina memorial close-up katrina memorial


5.  On a much lighter note, at the visitor center Gary picked up a brochure for the Busted Wrench Garage which offered FREE admission to its museum.  Gary and Buddy stopped by to see the classic car exhibit and auto memorabilia.

busted wrench garage in biloxi

While they were there, the owner showed Buddy the inner workings of a juke box.

juke box at busted wrench museuminner workings of juke box

juke box selections

 And Gary requested the song “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson,
which the owner punched into the juke box for FREE.

6.  Also at the Biloxi Visitors Center, one of us picked up a pamphlet for an architectural tour of historic downtown Biloxi.   We were interested in the tour but not excited about the price.  So, I did some research and created a self-guided walking tour for our family to enjoy for free.  Our tour stopped by Creole and American cottages, Neoclassical and Victorian mansions, Bungalows and shotgun houses, historic hotels, and public buildings.

7.  Our family also found another Mardi Gras parade to attend for FREE.  This parade did not have grand floats or elaborate costumes, but my family did come home with handfuls of candy, a moon-pie for each of us, and an abundance of plastic bead necklaces.

While spending a week in Biloxi in winter, our family found plenty to see, to explore, and to learn in Biloxi for FREE.
And after we spent the week in Biloxi, it was time for our family and Fannie to hit the road again.

An Accident was Bound to Happen . . .

An accident was bound to happen after traveling 6,843 miles on 33 travel days to explore 21 states in 4 months time,

Fortunately, this accident did not occur as we were traveling down the road.
Thankfully, no one was hurt.
Unfortunately, this accident occurred at all. This accident occurred as we were pulling our big rig into our assigned site at our temporary home in Biloxi, Mississippi.


Here’s a picture of our home on wheels at our temporary home in Biloxi.
You can see that we have a neighbor beside us and another neighbor behind us.

Since it is difficult to see our neighbor behind us, here’s another picture.


Does anything look off?

DSCN1205               DSCN1204

How about now? Did you happen to notice that our neighbor’s very expensive Class A Motorhome is missing its right side view mirror?

It is.  And it was our accident. This is how it happened.

When pulling our big rig into our assigned site from a very narrow drive,
the back of our big rig clipped our neighbor’s motorhome.

Gary thought he felt a bump or something when he pulled into our drive.
Once our home on wheels was parked, Gary began investigating the bump he felt. It took some time and some investigative skills,
but Gary surmised that we had clipped the neighbor’s side view mirror.

An accident had happened and it was our fault.
Now we had to confess and fix the problem we caused.

A series of events followed our accident and I don’t want to bore you with the details.  But I do want to share with you that God provided stepping stones to help us fix the problem we caused.   I choose to believe that the following events were not merely coincidence.

  • Everyone we met as a result of this accident was kind.
  • The campground owner was not only kind, but he was also helpful.  Since our neighbor’s did not come home that night (Gary and I barely slept that night as we listened and waited for our neighbor’s to pull in their drive.), Gary went to the office the next morning to talk to the campground owner.  The owner provided our neighbor’s name and phone number.
  • Our neighbor’s were not only kind, but they were also understanding and forgiving.  Since their Class A Motorhome cost more than our stick-and-brick house, we prepared for our neighbor’s to be upset and possibly irate when they heard and then saw the damage to their expensive RV.
  • Gary was resourceful and found the best price for replacing the side view mirror.   Surprisingly, the local RV dealership was able to order a replacement mirror for only $200.  The manufacturer of the motorhome wanted $500 dollars for the same mirror.
  • When Gary told the owner of the campground about the accident, the owner not only provided our neighbor’s number, but he also handed Gary the name and number of an RV repairman who was a seasonal resident at the campground.  This retired gentleman was a handy man who took odd jobs at the campground in order to keep himself busy.  This handy man was not only kind, but he was also beyond fair.  He charged us a mere $50 dollars to install a new side view mirror.

On a road trip adventure across America,

  • We adapted to changes in our plans.
  • We acknowledged that some things we couldn’t plan.
  • We handled accidents.
  • We thanked God for stepping stones.

Big Rig Campgrounds across the USA – Biloxi, MS

My Top 16 Posts in 2016  – this Post ranked # 9

RV Travels across the USA – Leaving Alabama and Heading to the Hospitality State to meet our Friends

We just thought our 32nd Travel Day from Holt, Florida, to Theodore, Alabama was short.

But our route from Theodore, Alabama to Biloxi, Mississippi was even shorter.

On Travel Day # 34 on a road trip adventure across the USA, we spent less than 2 hours in the dually.

Click here if you would like to see a map of our Route across the USA.

Travel Day # 34

In less than 20 miles, we had crossed the Alabama-Mississippi state line.
And we gave a celebratory Honk!

AL-MS state line

 For miles and miles,

bridge - pascagoula river

we traveled across a lengthy bridge

pascagoula riverinlets/bayous of pascagoula river

over the Pascagoula River and admired its inlets and bayous.

Within 20 miles of the campground,
the Mississippi Sound of the Gulf of Mexico came into view.

biloxi, MS biloxi, MS

When we saw water, we got excited.
Not only were Belle and Buddy excited to spend a week at the beach,
but they were also excited to spend some time playing on the beach with friends.

The Biloxi Lighthouse welcomed us into the city.

lighthouse in biloxi, MS

the Biloxi Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the world which is located on a four-lane highway.

Since we planned to spend spring break at the beach with friends, Gary and I decided to splurge and go over our campground budget.

We chose an expensive campground on Beach Boulevard, so we could have walking access to the beach.

The nightly rate was quite expensive (for us), but the weekly rate was more economical.

Even though our friends were only staying with us three days, Gary and I decided to call Cajun RV Park our temporary home for a week.

When we arrived at Cajun RV Park,

cajun rv park in biloxi, MS

the sign directed us to the back of the campground where the office was located.

Gary went into the office to register while the rest of us waited in the dually for his return.
Some of us don’t wait patiently.  And one of us whined the entire time.

girl and dog ready to get out of the carclose-up of dog

Preferring her pack together,
Fannie whined and whimpered until Gary returned.

As we waited,
I couldn’t help but notice how close the RVs were parked to one another.

a crowded campground in MSa crowded campground

We had just left a campground in Alabama where we were crammed in like sardines.

Planning to spend an entire week at this campground,
I was hoping for more space between our home on wheels and our neighbor’s RV.

Gary returned with a campground map and our assigned site.

beach blvd in biloxi

We drove back to the entrance of the campground.
(We later discovered that this campground was once a drive-in theater.)

We found parking pad 128 and Gary pulled into our assigned spot.

Since we were assigned a big-rig friendly pull-thru,
we had a driveway (and not an RV) in front of us and behind us.

And the parking pad we were assigned was also at the end of a row.

parked by trees at cajun rv parkbig rig friendly cajun rv park

 I was relieved to see that we wouldn’t be living like sardines for the week.

I don’t like to live close to my neighbors but Gary doesn’t like to park or live near trees.
At Cajun RV Park, our assigned spot was between two trees.

When Gary sees tree branches touching our home on wheels,

palm treesbig rigs and palm trees

 he immediately thinks scratched paint.

Whereas I hear and enjoy the swaying of branches
and sense protection when our home on wheels is parked under a tree.

I do realize that aligning and parking our big rig so the slides of our RV don’t collide with a tree, palm trees at cajun rv park

is a difficult task.
But my Knight completed this task with ease.

While Gary and Buddy worked on outside-duty chores, Belle and I had inside-duty that day.

Inside-duty also includes chores outside like:
arranging the picnic table, setting out the rug, and finding a safe place to tie-up Fannie.

picnic tables at cajun rv parka content dog

As Belle and I worked, I often found her staring off into the distance.  Because in the distance . . .

short walk to beach at cajun rv parkbeach access at cajun rv park

she could see sand and water.

After set-up chores were complete and Gary and I made a quick run to the grocery store,
our family walked across Beach Boulevard for our first walk on the beaches in Biloxi.

Cajun RV Park proved to be the perfect place for us to park our big rig.

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