Castle in the Clouds, New Hampshire

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Welcome to Massachusetts, the Bay state


saddleback campground, NHWelcome to Massachusetts… even though

  • we embraced our peaceful and pleasant temporary home at Saddleback Campground in Northwood . .
  • we welcomed the blue skies, cooler temperatures, and no rain
    in New Hampshire . . .
  • we admired the coming fall foliage in New England . .
  • we enjoyed exploring the Granite State for two days

our time in New Hampshire had to come to an end.

On our 11th Travel Day, we traveled to our 9th state.   You can check out
the “Our Route across the USA Page” for details.


welcome to Massachusetts

Welcome to Massachusetts!

During my research of Massachusetts, somewhere I found this suggestion.

If you only have a few days in Massachusetts, you should see:

  • Boston
  • Concord
  • Plymouth

If you have a week or more to explore Massachusetts, you could add:

  • Salem
  • Lowell
  • Cape Cod
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • the Berkshires

With so much to see in the Bay State, to explore in the Codfish State, and to learn in the Old Colony State, Gary and I decided to extend our stay in Massachusetts.

Yet, once again, we had difficulty finding campgrounds.  But this time, the Columbus Day weekend not the length of our big rig caused us difficultly.  In New England, Columbus Day weekend marks the end of the camping season.  Not only do most campers stop camping after this weekend, but also many New England owners close their campgrounds after the Columbus Day weekend.

Nonetheless, we were never homeless as we traveled across New England.  With persistence and over time,
Gary and I always found a temporary address to park our home on wheels.

However, I look back now at our temporary addresses and tourist destinations in Massachusetts and wonder:

What were we Thinking?

I hope you are prepared to move about the Bay State, to roam through the Old Colony State, and to stray within the Codfish state, because we plan to explore Massachusetts for two weeks.

I will meet you back tomorrow at our first temporary address in Massachusetts.

Big Rig Campgrounds near Concord, New Hampshire

Big Rig Campgrounds near Concord, New Hampshire included Saddleback Campground near Northwood, New Hampshire.

On our tenth travel day, we drove from Saco, Maine, to Northwood, New Hampshire.

When we arrived at our next temporary address, Saddleback Campground, not only was it raining but the temperature had dropped.

After leaving rainy Maine, our raincoats were handy.
However, we had to search the underbelly storage of our big rig for hats and gloves.

These Southerners didn’t know that we would need winter wear while traveling through the Northeast
in September.

Saddleback Campground’s website did not boast that it was big rig friendly.  However, when we made a phone call we were told that big rigs were welcome.  We had only been living on the road for a month, so Gary and I didn’t know to ask more detailed questions about the accommodations for big rigs.

Gary was pleased when we were assigned a pull-thru site for our big rig.

saddleback campground, NH
These pictures were not taken on the day of set-up. I was too busy and too cold that day.

However, due to the position of trees in front of and behind the site and the location of the hook-up box,
my Knight basically had to parallel park our big rig.

saddleback campground, NHsaddleback campground, NH

Noticing that we were newbies (on our tenth travel day, we had only set-up our home on wheels eleven times),
the kind owners helped us set-up our big rig in the rain and in the cold.

Not only did they provide two extra pairs eyes as spotters as my Knight parallel-parked our big rig, but they also provided two extra pairs of working hands to level our home on wheels.

Since we hadn’t made it to a hardware store, they even provided a board that was necessary for leveling our big rig.

After our home on wheels was leveled, we couldn’t thank the owners enough.

And at bedtime, we thanked God for keeping a watch over us.

Finishing set-up after leveling our big rig didn’t take long because Saddleback Campground didn’t have sewer hook-ups only water and electric.

We will have to keep a close eye on the gauges of the gray and black tanks this time, because we don’t want a repeat of Waterfalls and Pools of Waters like we experienced in New York.

Thankfully, the cold and the rain did not continue throughout our stay.

Our three nights and two days in New Hampshire consisted of crisp mornings, warm and sunny days, and cool nights.

With a view of a pond and trees all around us, we found our temporary address at Saddleback Campground in Northwood, New Hampshire pleasant and peaceful.

The cover page on the campground brochure described the campground this way: “where the mountains meet the sky and quiet is all around you.”

And on the campground website, I read that Mother Nature supplies the amenities at Saddleback Campground.

saddleback campground, NHsaddleback campground, NH

Not knowing what we were driving into when we arrived at Saddleback Campground in Northwood, New Hampshire,
we found that this campground welcomed us and our big rig with open arms and helping hands.

On a road trip across the US, our family found this campground a quiet place to dwell in New Hampshire.

I’ll meet you next time on a sight-seeing adventure in Concord, New Hampshire.

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