Learning to Live in an RV and to Appreciate Life

We are learning to live in an RV and to appreciate life.
From our Travel Journal dated.October 30, 2011

Good morning, all!

I don’t have a strong internet connection, so this post will be short.

We have survived the Northeast storm which passed through yesterday and last night. It rained most of yesterday and throughout the night.  When we awoke, we expected to see a blanket of snow.  We only saw wet leaves.  Buddy was hoping to play in the snow on his birthday.

We enjoyed our time with Greg and his family.  I will post pictures when I have a better connection, which could be at the next campground.

I better close now, before I lose connection completely.

Have a Great Day!


November 2, 2011
Good morning, All!

Sad to say, we are once again without adequate internet access.  However, I wanted to send a short update just to let everyone know that we are still doing well.

We are pleased to have finally experienced the colors of autumn.  On a road trip adventure across the  USA, we had planned to enjoy the fall colors in the New England states, but we found fall in New Jersey.

autumn in NJ

Yesterday, we left New Jersey.

NJ state sign




and traveled to Delaware without any complications or delays.

You can check out the “Travel Days” page for details.


In Delaware, we found a place to call home within the Delaware Seashore State Park.  For once, our big rig wasn’t
too long for a state park!

From the campground website, we thought we would have walking access to the bay and the ocean.

We do not.

However, the drive to both is short.

The surrounding views and noises at this campground are different from our temporary address in New Jersey.

I do so miss the beautiful, bold, and bright colors of autumn.

Just take a look around . . .

DSCN9431Behind our  home on wheels and out in the distance we can see the bay.
I don’t know if its Rehoboth Bay or the Indian River Bay.
Regardless, the scenery is drab and gray.


Apparently, fall is not the peak season for Delaware Seashore State Park.
We almost have the campground to ourselves.
(For most of our stay in Delaware, the sky was cloudy and gray.)

In front of us, we have the Indian River Inlet which opens into the Indian River Bay.


And to the other side of our home on wheels,


 we can see a bridge under construction.

After your look around, would you agree that our temporary address in Delaware is quite gray.

However, this morning the cloudy gray skies turned bright blue before the afternoon. DSCN8852


As I drank my morning coffee and sent out this update,
I watched the construction of this bridge.

Even though we can’t hear the sound of the nearby surf over the clanging of construction equipment
and even though this temporary address isn’t what I had envisioned,
the nightly sunsets have been rewarding.


Words to Ponder Today
I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that remains.
Anne Frank

I hope everyone has a Great Day regardless of their surroundings!

Autumn in New Jersey

Welcome to Autumn in New Jersey.  This is our 50th day of living on the road, and the twelfth state on our grand road trip adventure across the USA.



After skipping through the small states of Rhode Island and Connecticut in less than a week, Gary and I planned to spend a few extra days in the Garden State.  We did not plan grand sightseeing adventures in New Jersey.  We just wanted to slow down.  Living on the road is harder than one might think.

DSCN8815After our first overnight guests departed (which I will share those adventures in the next two posts), our family of four had time to attend classes, pay the bills, shop for groceries, clean the RV, do the laundry, and enjoy the scenery at our temporary address in Timberlane Campground in Clarksboro, N.J.

But first things first.

Upon our arrival at Timberlane Campground,

DSCN8342we were greeted first not by a member of the office staff but by a gang of turkeys.

On the website, I read about “ducks and swans for your viewing enjoyment”.  Nowhere did I read about turkeys for your enjoyment – viewing or otherwise.  Doesn’t this gang know that Thanksgiving is around the corner?

After check-in, we drove through the campground looking for our assigned site.   We noticed this temporary address was more crowded than the campgrounds in RI and CT.  Perhaps the reason for more campers is due to Timberlane’s claim as “the closest campground to Philadelphia”.

We promptly found our site, and Gary effortlessly parked our home on wheels in this pull-thru site.

DSCN8796Not only did we have a picnic table at the site, but also a concrete patio slab, which is a nice touch.  Had warmer temperatures and the absence of precipitation prevailed, the picnic table at our site would have provided an excellent spot for six kids to dine.  Instead, while we had overnight guests, ten people and a dog ate breakfast and dinner inside our home on wheels.



Having additional parking in front of our home on wheels (instead of beside our big rig) provided us with additional space around our big rig.






A short walk through these colorful woods led you to the rental cabin where Greg and Tammy stayed for two nights.  I can still hear the crunch of the fallen leaves underfoot as we tramped through these woods numerous times.



DSCN8802This cabin may look cute and cozy, but it is plain and rustic.







This was my morning view at our temporary address  in New Jersey.


I never tired of staring at the pond and watching the ducks.
However, I never saw any swans.

However, imagine my surprise in the stillness and softness of the morning when Fannie, who was already stationed outside after our morning walk, alerted me to danger with a ferocious bark.  (Prior to our travels, Fannie rarely barked.  As we move from campground to campground as we travel across the U.S., Fannie’s bark has become more ferocious.  Our three-legged dog has become quite territorial.)

DSCN8792Fannie’s bark startled me.  I looked out the window before stepping outside.  The gang of turkeys were parading through the campground.

Since this parade occurred every morning at about the same time, I learned by the second morning not to allow Fannie to take her station outside until after the parade of turkeys had gone by.

Each day after classes were attended, bills were paid, groceries were put up, and laundry was folded, I enjoyed my own parade through the campground, surrounded by the colors of autumn.




Who knew?
The most vivid fall colors we would witness
would not be in the New England states
but in the Mid-Atlantic state of New Jersey.


Since Gary and I slowed down in the Garden State,
we had the chance to watch the vibrant fall colors appear
right before our very eyes.

Meet you in Philly next time.  Robin

Navigating the George Washington Bridge in NY

We are navigating the George Washington Bridge in NY as we continue our travels to New Jersey on our road trip adventure across the USA.

Today is an exciting day for us! (as if every day since we departed hasn’t been exciting.)  Not only is today another travel day leading us to another state destination, but today is also the day for us to have our first overnight guests.

For the past four nights, we have dwelled in Aces High RV Park in East Lyme, Connecticut.

For the past two days, we have spent our time exploring and enjoying Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT.

Today we are departing East Lyme, Connecticut to head to our next state destination – New Jersey.

Today is an exciting day for us because our route traverses through New York City.

Last night with the Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas spread across the table, Gary and I mapped out a course from CT to NJ.  Then we consulted Google maps to confirm the chosen route.  Once we hit the road, Garmin girl should aid us each step of the way.

When Gary discovered that he would be driving our dually and towing our big rig over the George Washington Bridge, which is the bridge his father warned him about, he continued his investigation for a different route.  My Knight worked into the late hours of the night.

Apparently, the George Washington Bridge has two levels.  Since the lower level doesn’t have enough clearance for our big rig, we’ll be taking the high road.

Grandpa, Gary will be calling you later this morning before we hit the road.

Not only is Gary concerned about height clearance, but he is also troubled by the toll roads.  He has identified two tolls and is uncertain about one.  From his research, it doesn’t appear you have to pay the toll if you are traveling westbound, which is the direction we will be traveling.  However, if Gary hasn’t read the fine print well, we might have to pay $65 for one toll.

“Why $65?”, I asked.  My Knight informed me that toll charges are based on the number of axles.  Since our dually and big rig have a combined number of 5 axles, we get to pay big dollars at toll booths.

I haven’t found the courage to ask my Knight if he or our budget is up for the travel adventure planned for today.

Today is also an exciting day for us once we safely arrive in New Jersey, because  Gary’s brother – Greg, our sister-in-law – Tammy, our two nieces, and our two nephews are meeting us at the campground.  Our nieces and nephews are out of school for fall break.  So, they decided to spend their break with us.

I found RV camping and rental cabins at Timberlane Campground in Clarksboro, New Jersey.  However, the one-room rental cabin is only available for two nights and Greg, Tammy, and the kids were planning to stay three nights with us.   We have decided not to shorten their stay despite the fact that the cabin is not available the last night.  Instead, we have decided to pile into the big rig on the third night.

Our plan is to spend two days seeing the sites in Philadelphia (Clarksboro, NJ, is only 12 miles from Philadelphia.  I couldn’t find a campground in Philly which could accommodate our big rig.)   Despite the rain and cooler temperatures that have been predicted, we plan to have a great time just being together.  I can only imagine the adventures that await for the ten of us.

Thinking of cooler temperatures.  If we had planned on staying in Connecticut one more day,  we might have experienced a different adventure – snow.  Yes, snow.  Snow is predicted in Connecticut tomorrow.  Gary and I are thrilled we are leaving Connecticut today!

We are praying for an uneventful travel day through New York City, across the George Washington Bridge, and by way of several toll booths.   I will do my best to let you know that we have safely arrived in New Jersey.

Love to All!

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