Dually Problems – we didn’t know what to expect

Because of our dually problems, we didn’t know what to expect when we departed for our 27th travel day.

After talking with our personal off-site mechanic (Gary’s Dad) on numerous occasions, after purchasing parts and gathering tools, after consulting the owner’s manual and watching an on-line video, Gary successfully changed the fuel filters in our defective dually.

With Gary’s success on changing the fuels filters,  we discovered our dually was no longer defective on our 27th travel day.  We traveled to Ashville, North Carolina without any difficulty.


Our dually pulled our home on wheels up and through the mountains with ease.


It was not a sunny day but it was a scenic travel day through the Appalachian Mountains.  And since our defective dually was successfully repaired, our 27th travel day was stress-free.

 We found a temporary place to park our big rig in Ashville at Wilson’s Riverfront RV Park.

Our drive to North Carolina was uneventful, but our drive to the campground included a surprise turn.



These pictures and my words cannot begin to explain the right-hand U-turn that was required upon exiting the interstate and entering the campground.  Since our big rig was longer than the width of the road, Gary decided to find another spot to turn around.  Luckily, we didn’t have to drive too far down the road to turn our big rig around.

As the campground’s name suggests, we resided on a riverfront at this campground.


We enjoyed a peaceful view of the French Broad River right outside our windows.
Well, we enjoyed the views once we wiped down the windows to remove the condensation.

DSCN0095With frequent rains, my view of the outside world was often blurred and distorted.  I do believe we have found our first disadvantage of living in an RV.

In between the rains, I stepped outside and captured our view in several photos.


And in between the rains, Buddy and Fannie ran off some energy.


Fortunately for our sightseeing adventure in Ashville, the sky was overcast but the rains held off.  We were able to tour the Biltmore Estate and grounds without our umbrellas.

After four days of frequent rains and falling temperatures, all of us were ready for drier and warmer weather.

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