Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway

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On our next road trip adventure, Gary and I decided to start at “the Heart of it All”, Ohio.

For our last week in Ohio, we’ll be spending our time in the fourth largest city in Ohio, Toledo.

If you’ve missed where we’ve been the last 3 weeks, you can read about our sightseeing plans in:

We’ll be heading to Toledo, but we plan to make several stops along the way.

We’ll be making several stops, because I discovered the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway.

This 293 mile scenic byway follows the Lake Erie shoreline and travels through big cities and small villages and passes by historic sites, lighthouses, nature preserves, and state parks.

I’ve planned for us to travel the western section of this byway from Cleveland to Toledo.  We’ll be traveling through the following cities with plans to take our time and stop in every lake shore village or historic site that catches our attention.

lake erie trail - lighthouses

A.  “the Tree City”, Avon Lake

B.  the city of Lorain where we’ll want to check out the reported second-largest bascule bridge in the world, the Charles Berry Bridge

C.  the city which was once known as the “Village of Lake Captains”, Vermilion Ohio. Gary and I are looking forward to strolling through the Harbour Town Historic District to see the captain’s homes that have been maintained and to catch a glimpse of a variety of housing styles from several eras in this historic district.

D.  Huron, “A Great Lake Place”  with one of the best remaining riverine marshes in Ohio,
DuPont Marsh State Nature Preserve

E and F.  The city with one of the largest collections of roller coasters in the world, Sandusky.  I suspect many people want to come to Sandusky to visit Cedar Point amusement park. But I’m more interested in stopping in Sandusky’s for its place in history.  I read that Charles Dickens visited Sandusky in 1842 and made note of this city in his travelogue, American Notes.  I also read that slaves traveling the Underground Railroad stopped in Sandusky, boarded a boat, traveled across Lake Erie, and landed in Ontario where they found freedom.

G. the Lake Erie Islands which are accessible by car ferries.  There are several islands to visit. But we don’t want to miss Kelly Island which is not only the largest island on Lake Erie but it is also the place to see the largest (accessible and exposed) glacial groves in the world (at Glacial Grooves National Landmark)

H. “the Walleye Capital of the World, Port Clinton.  Gary and I aren’t fishermen, but in Port Clinton we’d like to make a stop at Catawba Island State Park.  I think a stone beach makes a perfect picnic spot.

I.  our final destination in Ohio, Toledo.

When I discovered the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway, the main attraction that caught my attention and made Gary and I want to travel this scenic byway were the lighthouses located along Lake Erie’s shore.

As we make our way to Toledo from Cleveland, we plan to stop and I hope to photograph the following lighthouses:

  • Lorain Harbor Light
  • Vermilion Light located on the grounds of the Island Seas Maritime Museum
  • Huron Harbor Light where we can take a stroll along a mile long fishing pier
  • Cedar Point Light in Sandusky
  • Marblehead Lighthouse which is reportedly the oldest continually operated lighthouse on the Great Lakes
  • South Bass Island Light on South Bass Island
  • Toledo Harbor Light which is often seen in paintings due to its unique tower shape
 During our final week in Ohio, I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do in Toledo.
Do you have a suggestion?
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