Injured Travelers

On a year-long road trip adventure across the US,

  • someone in our family of four was bound to get hurt.  (Click here if you can’t recall or haven’t read about the first injury which occurred before even we hit the road.)
  • someone else in our family could also get hurt.  (Click here if you can’t recall or haven’t read about how the same person got hurt again.)

On a road trip across the US in a big rig,

  • an accident was bound to happen.  (Click here if you can’t recall or haven’t read about the accident in the campground in Mississippi.)

After living on the road for 5 months,

  • I wasn’t surprised that someone got sick one day.
  • I wasn’t surprised that someone else got sick a few days later.
  • I was surprised when the furry member of our family got hurt the same week.

Let me explain.  After a family meeting to decide where we wanted to go in the Sooner State, a unanimous decision was made to go to Oklahoma City. On Travel Day # 39, our family said good-bye to The Lone Star State and hello to the Sooner State.  Our route from Texas to Oklahoma covered a distance of 398 miles, which was our longest travel day yet.  (If you would like to check our progress of traveling across America, click here to see the map.) Travel Day # 39 was long for more reasons than just the miles traveled that day.

  • Fortunately, Buddy was feeling better after fighting cold/allergies symptoms for several days.
  • Unfortunately, Gary was not feeling better while fighting the same symptoms as Buddy.  In fact, on Travel Day # 39 the driver in our family reported that he felt only 50%.  However, the driver did not want to postpone our departure from Texas and did not feel poorly enough to have me take the driver seat (which would have been the first time) and tow our big rig to Oklahoma.
  • But worst of all, every time Fannie tried to reposition herself or we hit a bump, she would yelp out in pain.  Each yelp from Fannie made us jump.  A long travel day was made even longer as we sat on pins and needles that day.

Let me explain.  Somehow Fannie had gotten hurt.  She was hesitant to bear weight on her right front leg.  We wondered if she had played too hard and jumped too far down from the tiered backyard of our friend’s in Dripping Springs. We had been watching her closely and had limited her activity.  However, instead of improving, Fannie had gotten worse.  Her yelps on a long travel day told us that we needed a plan of action to make Fannie feel better.

On Travel Day # 39, I called my cousin, the vet, for suggestions.  Our first plan of action was to keep Fannie as inactive as possible.  From Fannie’s symptoms, my cousin was suspecting a muscle sprain and not a broken limb.  If her discomfort or pain didn’t seem to get worse, my cousin the vet would wait and watch Fannie for another day or two.

But on the day after we arrived in Oklahoma City, I realized that we needed to activate the next plan of action since Fannie looked miserable and acted distressed.  The next plan of action was to find a vet in Oklahoma City.

We did find a vet nearby and Fannie was seen that day.  Since the vet wanted to run $1000 worth of tests on Fannie, I made another call to my cousin.  He and I both felt that this was a muscular issue which did not warrant $1000 worth of tests.

We left the vet’s office without running all the tests.  We walked away with anti-inflammatory pills and instructions to limit Fannie’s activity for a week.

DSCN9509 DSCN9508



I prayed that this treatment plan would get Fannie back to her active, alert self. If not, we would need another plan of action.

Dulcinea Chapel

As our family of four traveled across the US, we embarked on a few sightseeing adventures that could have only been suggested by Stepping Stones from God.

Some places I don’t have a clue as to how I found.

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Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve – a Fun Place to Go with Friends


Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve


hamilton pool

As we stepped out of the dually at Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve, school was dismissed.
It was time to explore the great outdoors with our friends.

First, we followed a short but rugged trail.

trail to hamilton pooltrail hamilton pool

The trail descended into a canyon.


 Then, at the end of the trail,
we entered a steep box canyon where we saw the historic swimming pool.

  hamilton pool hamilton pool

Since school was in session before we arrived,
we knew that this sinkhole was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed.
Not only were we able to admire the physical features of this nature preserve
but we were also able to identify what we were seeing:


a limestone outcropping with stalactites hanging onto the ceiling.

Despite the fact that it was too cool to swim, our family and our friends enjoyed :

  • following the trail and exploring a grotto;
  • seeing and feeling the water from Hamilton Creek fall and splash into the pool;
  • going off trail and climbing on and over gigantic slabs of limestone in a grotto;
  • keeping an eye out for wildlife;
  • listening, talking, and laughing with one another;
  • finding the perfect rock for a friendly game of skipping rocks; and
  • teasing friends and studying the act of buoyancy with a game called “Does my friend’s shoe float?”.  A game that was devised by Buddy.

trail in grottolooking out from the grotto 

looking out

narrow passagewaysclimbing boulders

think we should get iinclimbing boulders

a natural pool hamilton pool

trail in grotto inside grotto

waterfall at hamilton pool

a trickle of a waterfalleffects water erosion
a waterfall tricklewater and rocks

hamilton poolpool level

sunning turtlesfriends reconnecting

hamilton pool playing in dirt

skipping rocksskipping rocks skipping rocks

hamilton pool preservedoes my shoe's friend float

Since we learned about the Balcones Canyonlands Natural Wildlife Refuge, before we saw the Texas Hill Country and explored Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve with friends, .

leaving hamilton pool preserve


 this fun place to go with friends was easily etched in our minds that day
and this site on a road trip adventure across the US will not easily be forgotten.

Leaving Elmendorf but not Texas

Leaving Elmendorf but not Texas was the next step in our road adventure after a week of sightseeing in San Antonio.

DSCN9646 DSCN9648 DSCN9651

But before we departed Braunig Lake RV Park Resort, I checked the weather in several national parks in the Southwest.  Since the roads were still closed due to snow, our family decided to leave Elmendorf and head north instead of west.

On Travel Day # 38, we traveled less than 100 miles to Dripping Springs.


We stopped in Dripping Springs to spend the weekend with our friends who had recently moved to Texas.  Our friends invited us to stay with them.  My friend even made arrangements for us to park our big rig in a cove near their house.  She said it was a perk of being on the neighborhood watch committee.

So, we parked our big rig in a cove and moved into our friend’s house for the weekend.  We enjoyed every minute with our friends in their spacious house.
We also enjoyed worshipping with them on Sunday.

As for sightseeing in Dripping Springs:

On Saturday, our friends showed us one of their favorite spots to hang out:


The Hamilton Pool Preserve.

After spending the weekend with our friends, it was time to move on down the highway  and continue our travels through Texas.


Not knowing when we would see them again, we reluctantly waved good-bye
to our friends.

On Travel Day # 39, we traveled less than 30 miles to Austin.

I found our family a temporary home to park our big rig at Lone Star RV Park.  We spent three nights in Austin.

One of those nights I made a tex-mex meal for my Dad who was in town on family business.  I only wished we could have spent more time with him, but our time in Texas only coincided that one night.  We were thankful for that
one night.

We enjoyed temperatures in the 70 degrees during our stay in Austin.  On our  Down Days, I found Belle and Buddy outside.  (I couldn’t help but wonder if they were just enjoying the weather OR were they missing the rest of our family, the spacious home of our friends, other friends back home, or Dude.)

lone star rv park lone star rv park, austin texas

dog DSCN1149

As for sightseeing in Austin,  we went only two places:



and the Texas State Capitol Building.
We enjoyed the guided tour through the largest capitol building in the US.

DSCN1302 DSCN1311 DSCN1308

After a few days in Austin, it was time for our family to move on down the highway, leave Texas, and continue our road trip adventure across America.

If you would like to check out the map for our travel route and progress,
click here.

If anyone is interested, I have plenty of pictures to share with you from
The Hamilton Pool Preserve or the Dulcinea Chapel.  If you would like to see one of these sites before we leave Texas and arrive at our next state destination,
just drop me a line in the comment section below.

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