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Wonderland of White in April at Bryce Canyon National Park

It was still dark when I got up, so I didn’t raise the window shades.

When I started hearing traffic sounds and saw sunlight peeking through the shades,

I went to the window to let in the sunshine.

snow in ruby's inn campground

And I was surprised by a wonderland of white

in April

in Utah.

The traffic sounds that I had heard were a snow plow clearing the roads followed by a school bus.

Back at home, this amount of snow would have shut down the schools
for a week or more.

But not in Utah.






cyclone 3800 windowcyclone 3800 window

This wonderland of white shouldn’t have surprised me.

Yesterday as we explored Bryce Canyon National Park, the clear skies had turned cloudy by mid-day and the temperatures had dropped into the low 40s. Dressed in layers, we continued to explore the park.

Before we called it a day, we even felt and saw a few scattered snowflakes yesterday.

That evening, we checked the weather. The forecast called for a 30% chance of snow with 1-3 inch accumulation.

Warming up for the possibility of snow, Belle and Buddy enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate before going to bed.

When Gary and I climbed into bed, we could hear sleet pinging and tinging on the skylight and windows of our home on wheels.

Thus, the wonderland of white in spring shouldn’t have surprised me. But it did. And I could hardly contain my excitement.

I wanted to wake everyone up – but I didn’t.


I heard Buddy stirring in his loft.

When I called up to him and told him to look out of the window,

this is the reaction I got!cyclone 3800 loft

Buddy was even more excited than I was.

Not wanting to wait or waste a minute (snow melts fast in SW Tennessee), Belle and I bundled up and headed outside to play in the snow in April in Utah.


snowcapturing snow in bryce canyon

 snow day snow day

picnic table in the snowfannie in the snow

fannie in the snow fannie in the snow

utah snow

pine tree in the snowpine cone in snow

pine needles covered in snowpine tree in the snow

ruby's inn campground in utah

picnic table in snowtree covered in snow

belle in the snow

When Belle got up, she quickly bundled up and joined us in the snow.

I found it funny that both Buddy and Belle stood under a tree and shook the branches
so snow would fall on them.

Belle offered Fannie snow in a bowl. And Fannie lapped it up.
Despite the fact that Fannie appeared to get brain freeze,
she kept coming back for more snow.

a girl and her doga girl and her dog in the snow

a girl and a dog in the snowsnow in utah

When Gary got up, he found himself alone.
And he found his family outside in a wonderland of white in April in Utah.

When their Dad joined them, Belly and Buddy asked for his help on a building project.

building a fortbuilding a fort with dad building a fort with dad

Gary showed Buddy how to scrape snow off the dually without scratching the paint.
And he showed Belle and Buddy how to pack snow to build the best snow fort.

building a fort building a fort

snow dad with dad

Belle and Buddy wanted to build a bigger fort,
but all of us wanted to return to Bryce Canyon National Park
to see the red rock hoodoos covered in snow.

ruby's inn campground

Come back tomorrow to see Bryce Canyon National Park covered in snow!

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