Ten Things to Do at Monticello in Virginia


Ten Things to do at Monticello in Virginia

1.  Enjoy the drive to Monticello located in Charlottesville, Virginia

2.  Begin your time at the Visitor Center where you can watch a film and explore the exhibits

3.  Have your picture taken with T.J.  as you wait for the shuttle to take you from the Visitor Center

We rode the shuttle to Monticello but found a path to walk back to the Visitor Center.  If the weather is nice, I’d recommend a walk through Monticello Grove.

4. Choose a tour

Wanting to stay within our sightseeing budget, Gary and I chose the Guided House Tour.  If our sightseeing budget had been more, we would have opted for the Behind the Scenes House Tour.

We enjoyed touring the house Jefferson designed, redesigned, built, and rebuilt over 40 years.

If you’d like a sneak peek of the interior Jefferson’s home, click here to read about and see Monticello

5.  Explore the grounds and gardens and enjoy the great outdoors

Our Guided House Tour included a day pass to spend on the grounds of Monticello.  Thomas Jefferson designed his home with a series of rooms and tunnels.  Each room was designed for a specific purpose.  We explored these rooms on a self-guided tour of the restored wine cellar, kitchen, smokehouse, storehouse, ice house, and slave quarters.

As for the gardens, you might like to read a post about Colonial Revival Gardens I wrote in celebration of Garden Month.

6.  Spend the day learning  about slavery

7.  Imagine what life was like on Mulberry Row

Mulberry Row was once a busy road through this 5,000 acre plantation.  Through archaeological research and primary source documents, this road will one day be recreated.

8.  Stroll the Saunders-Monticello Trail and stop by the Monticello Graveyard

9. Leave Monticello wanting to know more about Thomas Jefferson

10.  Drive by the University of Virginia before you leave Charlottesville, Virginia

If this list didn’t entice you to add a visit to Monticello to your bucket list, perhaps these photos will.

DSCN9576 DSCN9579




DSCN9608 DSCN9612

DSCN9623 DSCN9633 DSCN9632

DSCN9692 DSCN9693

DSCN9647 DSCN9648

DSCN9596 DSCN9601


DSCN9777 DSCN9770


DSCN9603 DSCN9796


DSCN9829 DSCN9827

Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour.

If you enjoy studying American History and if you admire the author of the Declaration of Independence, our 3rd president, and the father of the University of VA, you need to add a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s home to your bucket list.
Let me know if you decide to make a trip to Monticello.

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