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Pikes Peak. It is home of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Seattle.  This historic public market has been in business since 1907.  In downtown Seattle at Pike Place Market, you can shop for coffee, pastries and bread; vegetables, fruit, and cheese; fish and flowers; handicrafts and touristy souvenirs.

DSCN1778wa - momma's pics - pike place market



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At Pike Place Market, Belle enjoyed sampling a juicy fresh pear; listening and watching the funny fishmongers and a multi-tasking street performer.  And I learned that some flower vendors don’t like you taking pictures of their beautiful flowers, but other vendors don’t mind at all.

The Space Needle is a Seattle icon.  This icon was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair.

DSCN1833        IMG_0028

Standing at 605 feet, we didn’t miss seeing the Space Needle even though we never went to this icon.  The girls saw the Space Needle while walking around downtown, and the boys saw this Seattle icon on their way to the Boeing Everett Factory.

While sightseeing in Seattle, the men in our family couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tour the Boeing Factory in the nearby city of Everett.  (Click here if you missed the pictures from Boeing).

Even though it wasn’t the Washington State Ferry, we certainly experienced a ferry ride in the state of Washington.  From Seattle, we drove to Port Angeles.  From Port Angeles, we boarded a ferry and rode to Victoria, British Colombia.

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We strolled the streets of Pioneer Square, one of the first settlements in the Northwest.  We admired the ornamental Pergola and found the Tlingit totem pole.  We took an Underground Tour of Seattle and learned about Seattle’s interesting and colorful (Red Light District) past from a quirky guide.

 DSCN1996 DSCN1997 DSCN1998  DSCN2063DSCN1999


We didn’t walk the wooden piers in Seattle’s Downtown Waterfront.  However the girls enjoyed the view of the harbor while sitting in the patio at the hotel. (The hotel where our parents stayed while sightseeing in Seattle.)  While waiting on the other half of our group to return from their Boeing Everett Factory tour,  the girls sat and watched the people on the sidewalks and the boats in the harbor.  We wondered what they were doing to Seattle’s Great Wheel. 

DSCN2215DSCN2216DSCN1860DSCN1861WA - momma's pics - waterfront 2DSCN2217WA - momma's pics - waterfront3WA - momma's pics - waterfront 1

We didn’t have the time to spend an afternoon admiring ancient Asian artwork, Native American carvings, European masterpieces, and contemporary sculptures at the Seattle Art Museum.  However, we did pass by this museum
and the 48 foot animated Hammering Man made of steel multiple times while we searched for an accommodating
place to park a dually in Seattle.


A site that sometimes makes the Top 10 Sites to See but is always listed as one of the Popular Places to Go in Seattle is Chinatown.  Chinatown in Seattle is an International District, home to Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Filipino restaurants and shops.  Our family of four got a glimpse of Chinatown International District on our way back to the campground.


Popular Places to Go in Seattle

With Gary and Momma as navigator and guide,

DSCN2126DSCN2133 DSCN2128 DSCN2129

we found the Seattle Public Library. 


Before we entered the library.  Belle and Buddy saw their first demonstration march in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.

We stepped inside the Seattle Public Library and took a self-guided tour of one of the favorite structures in the United States, according to the American Institute of Architects.


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With limited time and a variety of interests, our entire group of 8 didn’t see Olympic Sculpture Park.  However, Momma and Papa Tom strolled through this 9-acre park which is part of the Seattle Art Museum.

wa - momma's pics - statue park

The Klondike Gold Rush National Park made it to the list of top remembrances for Belle, Buddy, and me. In American History class, Belle and Buddy (and me) were currently studying the late 1800s when we arrived in the state of Washington.  We enjoyed learning about Seattle’s role in the 1891-1898 Gold Rush which supplemented our current studies of this period in American history.  Belle and Buddy commented that it was fun learning with their grandparents.  On a road trip adventure across America, I thought it was cool to share a typical sightseeing adventure designated as school with our parents.

DSCN1897DSCN1947 DSCN1898 DSCN1930 DSCN1943 DSCN1946

On the Underground tour of Seattle, we were introduced to some of the oldest  buildings in the city before descending into a maze of subterranean passageways.   We learned that Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle.

DSCN1985DSCN2114  DSCN1993

With a variety of interests in our group of 8, I was the only one who mentioned the Waterfall Garden Park as one of my top remembrances of Seattle.  If I hadn’t known about this city park, I would probably have walked by this Popular Place without taking a second look.  In the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, I enjoyed this quiet garden oasis among asphalt and traffic noise, crowds and concrete, and parking garages and skyscrapers.

WA - momma's pics - waterfall 1DSCN1980DSCN1952DSCN1963

DSCN1961  DSCN1967 DSCN1970WA - momma's pics - waterfall 3

Waterfall Garden Park proved to be the perfect place for a photo-op to remember our Family Vacation in Seattle.

In 1 1/2 days on a Family Vacation during a Road Trip Adventure across the USA,
our family managed to see:

  • 7 of the Top 10 Sites to See in Seattle
  • 5 Popular Places to Go in Seattle that didn’t make the Top 10, 15, or even 20 List
  • With a span of ages and a variety of interests, our group of 8 found plenty of sites to see and places to go in Seattle.  And best of all, our family of 4 spent 1 1/2 days in Seattle with our parents/grandparents on a Road Trip Adventure across America.


5 Popular Places to Go in Seattle that don’t make the Top 10, 15, or even 20 List

Our parents helped plan sightseeing in Seattle since we actually enjoyed a family gathering in this beautiful city.

Who went on our Family Vacation?

  • Belle’s and Buddy’s grandparents, my Momma and Papa Tom
  • the parents Gary and I chose to adopt, Danny and Dinah
  • the four of us
  • and Fannie

What were our plans for our Family Vacation?

  • We would spend two days together in Seattle.
  • Our parents would be staying in a waterfront hotel in Seattle for two nights while the four of us would be returning to Fannie and our home on wheels parked at a campground in Issaquah.  (Issaquah  was less than 30 miles away from Seattle.)
  • After spending time together in Seattle, the four of us and Fannie would leave our home on wheels behind, so the eight of us and Fannie could take a ferry to British Colombia, Canada.
  • In British Columbia, the eight of us and Fannie would be staying in a hotel in Victoria.
  • We would spend two days together in Victoria.
  • On one of those days, our family vacation would include a sightseeing adventure to Butchart Gardens.

What were our plans for Seattle?

  • Besides spending time together, we had no other plans for Seattle.
  • Not wanting to be a tour guide for 8 but not knowing what our family could do together in Seattle, I spent some time researching while excitedly waiting for
    our parents to arrive.

Sites to See in Seattle – the largest city in the Pacific Northwest

Top 10 Places to See in Seattle

  1. Pike Place Market to see, hear, smell, and taste what is Seattle
  2. Space Needle to see a Seattle icon
  3. Chihuly Garden of Glass to admire glass-blown art by a renowned artist in the Pacific Northwest, Dale Chihuly
  4. Washington State Ferry to get on the water and explore Elliot Bay
  5. Pioneer Square to walk the streets of one of the first settlements in the Northwest and to take an Underground Tour of Seattle and learn about Seattle’s colorful past
  6. Downtown Waterfront to walk on wooden piers or sit on wooden benches while admiring boats in the harbor
  7. Ballard Locks to watch boats travel between Puget Sound and the Lake Washington ship canal
  8. Discovery Park to stroll Seattle’s largest green space
  9. Boeing Everett Factory to tour the largest building (by volume) in the world
  10. Seattle Art Museum to spend an afternoon gazing at one of America’s premier art collections

5 Popular Places to Go in Seattle that don’t make the Top 10,15, or even 20 List

  1. Seattle Public Library – to see one of the favorite structures in the US as voted by the American Institute of Architects
  2. Olympic Sculpture Park – to stroll a 9 acre park and admire the works of Alexander Calder and other artists
  3. Klondike Gold Rush National Park – to learn about Seattle’s role in the
    1897-1898 Gold Rush
  4. Smith Tower – to stand on the observation deck of the oldest skyscraper in Seattle
  5. Waterfall Garden Park – to find a hidden oasis in downtown Seattle

With a span of ages and a variety of interests, I had no doubt that our group of 8
would find plenty to do in Seattle together.

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