Deciding Where to Go Next after leaving Santa Fe

Deciding where to go next after extending our stay in Santa Fe  required many family discussions. It was difficult for us to imagine how our adventure could  continue to amaze us after spending a week and extending our stay in Santa Fe.


Since we had traveled to and checked off the states of Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas, our next logical state destination was either Utah or Arizona.  Our family hadn’t made a decision as to what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go
in Utah, but we knew we wanted to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Since we couldn’t travel the 462 miles from Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon while towing our home on wheels, we needed to break up this Travel Day.  Since we needed to break up this Travel Day, we might as well plan a sightseeing adventure at our scheduled stop.

When I asked Belle and Buddy what they wanted to see and where they wanted to go in this area, both suggested a stop at the Four Corners Monument.

I researched a sightseeing adventure at Four Corners Monument and discovered a couple of problems with a stop in Navajo Country.

First, this sightseeing adventure would be expensive.  Not only was there an admission fee, but there was also a fee for parking and for taking A photo.
(A photo.  On any giving sightseeing adventure, I take 200 pictures
at a minimum.  What would that cost?)

Secondly, finding us a temporary place to park our home on wheels in Navajo Country was next to impossible.  With persistence, I finally found two campgrounds that could accommodate our big rig.  However, both campgrounds were located over 45 miles away from Four Corners Monument.  I called and spoke to a worker at each campground and Gary found and evaluated the location of each campground on google.maps.  Then we decided we didn’t want to stay at either one of the campgrounds for several reasons.

I agreed with Belle and Buddy that the opportunity to stand in 4 states at the same time would be amazing.

However, Gary and I didn’t think it was worth the additional miles and fuel dollars that it would cost to get us there.  Neither Gary nor I wanted to park our home on wheels at either of the less than ideal and far-away campgrounds.  We just didn’t feel that a maximum of 30 minutes of fun at Four Corners Monument was worth
the effort or the expense.

Since I knew that Belle and Buddy were going to be disappointed about not stopping
at Four Corners Monument, I researched an alternative before giving them the disappointing news.

As I mapped the route from Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon, I realized we could stop twice and schedule two different sightseeing adventures on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Since these two scheduled stops only added 1 mile to our route, these two sightseeing adventures wouldn’t affect our fuel budget.

Since I found things to do and sites to see which were reasonably priced or Free,
these two stops wouldn’t break our sightseeing budget.

When I shared the disappointing news about not stopping at Four Corners Monument with Belle and Buddy, they were disappointed.  However, when I shared the exciting news of our next two sightseeing adventures with our children, they were excited.

After spending a week and extending our stay in Santa Fe, it was time for our family
to leave New Mexico.

After researching our options and making a decision as to where we wanted to go next, it was time for our family of four and Fannie to hit the road again and continue our Road Trip Adventure across America.

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