Dubuque, Iowa Masterpiece on the Mississippi River

While traveling across the USA and schooling on the road,

one of Belle’s and Buddy’s school assignments was reading about the geography and history of each state while we temporarily dwelled in that state.   Belle seemed to enjoy this assignment.  She would take her time researching each state, drawing an outline map of each state, and creating a timeline of historical events in either the state, city, or town we chose to visit.  If it hadn’t been for Belle’s school work, she (and the rest of us) might not have discovered that:

  • Dubuque’s location on the Mississippi River has earned this city the nickname “Masterpiece on the Mississippi”.
  • Dating back to 1788, Dubuque is the oldest city in Iowa.  The town was established by a French voyageur, Julian Dubuque.  (With our recent stops at the Museum of the Fur Trade and Voyageurs National Park, we reviewed what
    we had learned about voyageurs and their important role in the fur trade.)
  • The Mississippi River was/is the reason for Dubuque’s success as an industrial city.  Dubuque has played an important role in American history as a place of boat building, transporting lumber, and ice harvesting.

Driving and Walking Tour of Downtown Dubuque – Part 2

Port of Dubuque

port of dubuque

Historically, this area was the first area to be settled in Dubuque.  Today, Port of Dubuque is home to the Grand Harbor Resort, the Mississippi Riverwalk, and the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.

As much as we would have enjoyed learning about the history and culture of American rivers at the National Mississippi River Museum and as much as we would have enjoyed seeing fish, otters, and turtles at the Aquarium, we don’t regret having Fannie with us on our Road Trip Adventure across the US.  We just found something else to do since we had Fannie sightseeing with us.

mississippi riverwalk in iowa DSCN1765

Instead of exploring the museum, we took the time not only to stroll the 1/2 mile Mississippi Riverwalk atop a flood protection levee, but we also took the time to sit and watch the traffic roll down the mighty Mississippi.

mississippi river in dubuque DSCN1741   DSCN1740  DSCN1745 DSCN1746 DSCN1747

And a bonus during our stroll, we learned about the history of Port of Dubuque from wayside exhibits located along the walkway.


Driving Tour of the North End of Dubuque

With daylight remaining, we decided to drive to the North End of Dubuque to explore Eagle Point Park.

eagle point park, dubuque Iowa  DSCN1635

Eagle Point Park opened in 1909.     The River Walk along the edge of the bluff overlooks the Mississippi River, the Dubuque Lock, and Dam.   And once again, we read that we could see into Wisconsin from this vantage point.

ms river in dubuque eagle point park in dubuque DSCN1642 DSCN1646 DSCN1665

DSCN1666 DSCN1667

We’re don’t know how far we could see, but we enjoyed picking out Dubuque’s historic landmarks which we had seen during our walking/driving tour of the Dubuque’s downtown district.

In Eagle Point Park, the pavilions, fish pond, and band stand were built with limestone native to this area.  We particularly liked the fish pond.


fish pond eagle point park DSCN1700

 What a peaceful place to end our sightseeing adventures in Dubuque, Iowa.

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