Faith-Filled Family’s Top 16 Posts in 2016

Hello, fellow faith-filled family followers! It’s been a while since I published a post.

My family members and friends know that I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been finishing my 15th and final year as a homeschool mom.

When our family took off for a year and traveled across the US in an RV, Belle was in 9th grade and Buddy was in 7th.  To date, Belle has completed her sophomore year at a large university. She is home for a month and then she’ll be off to China to study abroad for a month before returning to school in the fall. As for Buddy, he’s getting ready for his first year at a small private college.  

Time has flown with our children and I’m so thankful that Gary and I decided to live our dream and take an RV road trip. 

It’s been awhile since I published a post, but viewers and readers continue to find me. And we’ve even gained some subscribers in 2016. And I want to thank you. Thank you for reading, subscribing, and sharing my posts.

April 2017 marked my fourth year as a blogger. To date, our blog has had 46,903 views. The most views in a single day was 784. It still amazes me how this blog reaches others.

Since I missed my annual post of “My Top Posts for the Year”,  I decided to share those posts with you today in case you missed one.

Faith-Filled Family’s Top 16 Posts in 2016

 # 1 – 7 Nicknames for Cleveland, OH  

# 2 – A Walking tour of Plymouth, MA 

# 3 – Our Route across the USA 

# 4 – Where did we Go on a Road Trip across the USA? 

# 5 – Rhode Island State House Virtual Tour

# 6 – Sightseeing in San Antonio – the River City 

# 7 – Acadia National Park – Day 2 

# 8 – A Walking Tour of St. Augustine – the Second Loop

# 9 – Big Rig Campgrounds across USA – Biloxi, MS

# 10 – Coronado Historic Park

# 11 – Big Rig Campgrounds in Narragansett, RI 

# 12 – Dodge City – What’s in a Nickname? 

# 13 – Family Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas, NV 

# 14 – Big Rig Campgrounds in  Pownal, Vermont

# 15 – Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway

# 16 – Things to Do in Narragansett, RI

If you don’t see your favorite destination or post,
please leave a comment and let us all know what you like best on this blog.

 And if you know someone who is planning a road trip, please share our blog

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