Faith-Filled Family’s Travel Bucket List for Florida

Planning a trip to The Sunshine State?

Got your travel bucket list for Florida ready?

If not, I can help.

In preparation for our next RV road trip, I’ve compiled:

  • the top 10 places to go in Florida from Lonely Planet
  • the top 10 things to do in Florida from Trip Advisor
  • the 10 best places to visit in Florida from US News
  • the 23 most beautiful places to visit in Florida from the Crazy Tourist
  • the 25 best places to visit in Florida from Vacation Idea

to find out where we should go in The Sunshine State.

If you’re planning a trip to Florida too or just looking for some virtual travels today, check out…

Faith-Filled Family's Travel Bucket List for Florida

Faith-Filled Family’s Travel Bucket List
for Florida

For the Nature-Lovers

*** the best place to do absolutely nothing

** postcard perfect powder-fine white sand

** a remote national park with clear blue waters, coral reefs, marine life, and sea birds

** a wildlife refuge that protects alligators, birds, giant manatees, night herons, and more

* a world heritage site and the biggest subtropical wildlife area in the US

* this butterfly and nature conservatory

* an 1888 pier for fishing or dolphin watching 

* a place to swim with the dolphins

For the History-Buffs

*** a fort where America began

** the home and museum of this Nobel Prize winning American novelist

* the world’s largest naval aviation museum, the most visited museum in Florida, and the # 1 thing to do in Pensacola

* a winter estate for this famous automaker and this well-known inventor

* a massive 19th century fort that was never finished nor fully armed

* a 1852 lighthouse on Florida’s forgotten coast

For the City-Slickers

*** an international city, a major American seaport, and the largest city in Florida 

** one of the five largest cities in Florida and Theme Park Capital of the world

** a major business center known for its museums and cultural attractions

** famous wide beaches, picturesque boating canals, and The Strip

** this city has more than world-famous beaches

* one of the top 10 emerging destinations in the US 

a museum with the largest collection (outside of Europe) of this prominent Spanish surrealist artist

Only in The Sunshine State

*** a giant playground for kids big and small and the # 1 top destination in Florida

** the southernmost point in the continental US

** founded in 1565 the oldest continuously occupied city in the US

Check out Faith-Filled Family’s walking tour of  this historic city.

* learn the history of one of America’s largest circuses

Where do you recommend we go in Florida on our next RV road trip?

If you’ve just landed on this page and don’t know about this series, then head over here to read the introductory post.

I’m still searching for RV destinations for winter, so come back next week to find a travel bucket list for the Grand Canyon State.

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