Flight Turbulence Took Over Our Travel Plans

Our travel plans met turbulence. If you have settled into the flight and have unfastened your seat belt, please buckle up.  Our plans and our flight are about to be turned upside down.  I wouldn’t want you to fall out of your seat during this leg of the journey.  So, once again, please buckle up.

On March 16th, the interviews with the realtors began. Not wanting to tackle this boulder alone, I scheduled the interviews for after five o’clock, so Gary would be home from work.

The first realtor we met was John. Gary and I immediately felt comfortable with John.

John began the meeting by inspecting our home. Once John had inspected the interior of our home, all three of us stepped outside to examine the exterior. While we were outside, the phone rang. Belle was inside so she answered the phone.

Belle exited the house and informed her daddy of the caller. Instead of asking Belle to take a message, Gary stepped away and took the call. Since we were in the middle of an interview with John, I was surprised that Gary took the call and left the meeting.

But he did. (As the flight unfolds, I’ll let you decide if this act was coincidence or providence?)

John and I completed the inspection outside and returned indoors. We settled at the kitchen table to discuss numbers and particulars of selling our house. As John began talking, I wondered what was taking Gary so long. I had planned this meeting so Gary would be home and I would not have to tackle this boulder alone.  And here I was alone with John.

Not wanting to proceed without Gary, I asked John if we could wait for Gary to return. John was accommodating, so he and I began chatting. John asked why Gary and I wanted to sell our home during a buyers’ market. I openly and happily shared our dream with a complete stranger.  His immediate response, “What fun to live the gypsy life. Wish I could! But I just can’t.  I just can’t right now.”

How many times did Gary and I hear, “Wish I could!”
How many times did Gary and I say, “Oh, but you can IF you truly want to!”

Eventually, Gary returned from the lengthy phone call which had taken him away. John proceeded with the meeting and with the details and with the particulars of selling our house. As John asked questions, Gary’s responses to John were curt, not rude but certainly not conversational. This tone from Gary was out of character for my amiable knight.

Obviously, the call had changed Gary. I wanted to ask Gary about the phone call, but I did not want to ask in front of John. From my knight’s facial expressions, I did not detect concern about the call, but disbelief in the call. And with a look of disbelief, I also detected a sense of relief.

When John realized that we would not be signing a contract with him that night, the meeting gradually came to an end.

As soon as John stepped out of our house and the door was quickly closed behind him, Gary instantly read my mind and immediately began sharing the mystery phone call with me.

Apparently, Gary and I have a pair of guardian angels clothed and disguised in human form. Our personal guardian angels decided to call that night, because their plan was too difficult to describe in an e-mail.

Amazingly, our supportive guardian angels believed in us, in our dream, and in our plan. Our caring guardian angels wanted to help us before, during, and/or after our road trip adventure. Our generous guardian angels wanted to support us, because they believed our dream was a wonderful opportunity. Our wise guardian angels believed great things could come out of a road trip adventure across the USA.

Our personal guardian angels proposed their own plan to assist with our dream. Their plan would remove all of Gary’s doubt regarding the financial implications of fulfilling our dream.

Their plan was a loan of angelic terms and conditions. No bank on earth would offer such terms and conditions as this pair of earthy angels.

Unbelievably, with this phone call, Gary and I received another surprising and miraculous stepping stone toward making our dream a reality.

Surprisingly, our generous guardian angels offered us an angelic loan with unbelievable terms and conditions. This angelic loan would allow us to purchase an RV without selling our home.  Gary would not have to return home from a road trip adventure with empty envelopes and without shelter for his family.

Ironically, a phone call which allowed us to keep our home was received and taken while a realtor was in our home discussing the boulder of selling our home.  I do not believe the timeliness of this phone call was coincidence, but divine providence.

Obviously, my warning cry had not come true.  An RV did not fall from the sky and our home did not sell from underneath us.  However, in less than three weeks of planning and preparing for our dream, three significant events stepping stones had occurred.

  1. The boulder of selling our home had been blasted off of our path by God and His earthy angels.
  2. Gary’s doubt had been eradicated with an angelic loan from our guardian angels.
  3. And most importantly, Gary and I knew we were on the right path. We could, we should, and we would proceed toward our dream.

Our flight through March continues next time, but the amazing journey is not over.

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