International Falls in Minnesota

and Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada


From our Travel Journal dated Thursday, June 21-

Still me (Gary).  Today, we went to International Falls, MN and Canada.

DSCN9424 DSCN9425DSCN9428 DSCN9434


(Why did we go to International Falls?
Because the largest city near Voyageurs National Park is International Falls.
With our Big House parked in the Woods of Minnesota for a week, t
he city-slickers in our family wanted to get out of the woods for a day. – Robin)

In International Falls, we toured the Boise paper factory first.  We saw one of the largest and fastest paper making machines in the world.  It produces over 900 tons of office paper every day.  It is over 30 feet wide and longer than
2 football fields.  On the guided tour we enjoyed learning how paper is made from planting trees to packaging paper.

 DSCN9435 DSCN9437


 DSCN9447 DSCN9449DSCN9450


(Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed on the tour.
I wish we had a picture of us wearing hard hats, safety glasses, and orange safety vests
as we toured one of the top 18 plant tours in the country, according to Touring America magazine.)

After our tour of the Boise paper factory, Robin requested a photo of Smokey the Bear.

DSCN9621      DSCN9438

(This Smokey the Bear weighs 82 tons and stands 26 feet tall.
This steel and fiberglass statue of Smokey the Bear has been a favorite tourist attraction
in International Falls since 1954.)

After lunch, we found a place to park (for free) and walked across a bridge and into Canada.

DSCN9569 DSCN9571 DSCN9572 DSCN9608 DSCN9609

The International Falls-Fort Frances International Bridge

The Canadian town of Fort Frances was nothing spectacular to see, but the weather was great and we can say that we have been to Canada once more.  (When we were in New York, we walked across the Rainbow Bridge and viewed Niagara Falls from Niagara Falls, Ontario.   When we met our family in Seattle, Washington, we took a ferry ride and spent the weekend in Victoria, British Columbia.)


DSCN9598     DSCN9601  DSCN9596 DSCN9594   DSCN9602DSCN9599

(Fort Frances was the first Eurpean settlement west of Lake Superior.
Today, Fort Frances is the 3rd largest community in northwestern Ontario and is a popular fishing destination. 

Robin and I had read that getting into Canada was no big deal, but getting back into the US could be a hassle.
We had no issues either way.

DSCN9614 DSCN9623

After our walk into Canada, we stepped inside Border Bob’s where we didn’t find a thing to buy.


We left International Falls and stopped by a visitor center (our second) for Voyageurs National Park before going back
to the campground.


(I’ll share Voyageurs National Park with you in the next post.)

Tomorrow, we’ll probably stay at the campground.  If the weather is nice, I hope to take out the canoes or kayaks on Lake Kabetogama.

IMG_0447 IMG_0448

(If you missed the pictures of canoeing and paddle boating on Lake Kabetogama,
click here.  I’ll see you at Voyageurs National Park next time.)

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