Interstate 40 Roadside Attractions in Arizona

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On a Road Trip Adventure across the USA, we left the Land of Enchantment and headed to …

the Grand Canyon State.

We left Santa Fe and began the 470+ miles to the Grand Canyon.

But we knew we couldn’t travel 470+ miles while towing our home on wheels in a single day,

so Gary and I scheduled two stops on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Our first stop was in Sun Valley, Arizona for a sightseeing adventure in the Petrified Forest National Park.

Our second stop was in Flagstaff, where we found so much to do that we decided to stop and spend a week.

On Travel Day # 44, we traveled along Interstate 40 and enjoyed the many roadside attractions in Arizona.

Several of these attractions were made famous after the “Mother Road” crossed Arizona in 1926.

If you’ve just joined our virtual travels across the USA and you’re interested in the “Mother Road”,
you might like to read  Route 66 or Route 66 in Oklahoma.

If our family hadn’t been traveling with our pet and towing our home on wheels, we would have planned stops at some or all the Interstate 40 roadside attractions we passed in Arizona.

  • the Painted Desert National Landmark at Exit 311 on I-40
    •  During our sightseeing adventure at the Petrified Forest National Park we learned that Route 66 originally passed through the Painted Desert and travelers found respite at the Painted Desert Inn.
  • Holbrook, AZ at Mile Post 285.04-289.93
    • While following GG (Garmin Girl) to the closest grocery store, our family found ourselves across the street from the famous Wigwam Motel.
      • In the 1930s, seven Wigwam Motel Courts were built along Route 66.  Only three of these Wigwam Villages remain today.
      • Other Route 66 sites in Holbrook are the historic Courthouse, the Route 66 Museum, and Joe and Aggie’s Café.
      • Holbrook is also known as the “Gateway to the Petrified National Forest“.
  • Joseph City, AZ at Exit 274
    • home of the famous Route 66 Landmark –  Jackrabbit Trading Post
  •  Winslow, AZ at Mile Post 251.90-257.41
    • We may not have been able to stop at “Standing on the Corner” Park, but Gary had his MP3 player queued to “Take It Easy” which he hit play the moment he saw the signs to Winslow.
      • In addition to the “Standing on the Corner” Park, other Route 66 sites in Winslow are: Navajo and Hopi Lands, the Old Trails Historic Museum, and the last Harvey House built, the La Posada Hotel.
  • Meteor Crater 
    • also known as Canyon Diablo Crater
    • reportedly the “best preserved meteorite crater on Earth.”
  • the San Francisco Peaks
  • the Coconino National Forest
    • which surrounds the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona
    • which has a diversity in landscape: alpine tundras, deserts, flatlands, mesas, and ponderosa pine forests
    • which also has Arizona’s highest peak, Humphrey’s Peak at 12,633 feet
    • and the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in North America
  • Winona, AZ at Exit 211
    • which was made famous after the song “Route 66”.
  • Walnut Canyon Monument
  • Wupatki National Monument and Sunset Crater National Monument
  • If our family had continued our drive along 1-40,
    • we could have traveled along the longest continuous stretch of “The Main Street of America
      • which is from Ash Fork, Arizona, to Topock, Arizona.
      • However, our family and Fannie stopped in . . .
  • Flagstaff
    • en route to the Grand Canyon
      • on a Road Trip Adventure across the USA
Virtual Travels of Interstate 40 Roadside Attractions in Arizona

petrified forest national park

 historic route 66historic route 66


holbrook, AZroute 66 in arizona

 wigwam village wigwam village wigwam motelwigwam motel


I-40 falling rocks

Watching for Falling Rocks

joseph city, AZ

jackrabbit trading post jack rabbit trading post

blowing dust area

 Blowing Dust results in Poor Visibility

I-40 I-40

A Blowing Dust area proved to be an excellent place to watch a Dust Storm.

dust storm

winslow, AZ

 I-40meteor crater

mountains in AZmountains

On Travel Day # 44,
we needed a Warning Sign for High Winds
which exerted such a force that Gary had to keep a watchful eye on the semis


heading to flagstaff

coconino national forestI-40

winona, AZ

walnut canyon monument

flagstaff, AZsightseeing in arizona

road trip adventure across the USAflagstaff, AZ

Welcome to Flagstaff, Arizona!

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    • Gary wishes he could have stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ – but sightseeing with our home on wheels in tow was not easy or ideal. Perhaps one day I can capture my Knight singing and standing on the corner in Winslow, AZ.

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