Life is a Journey, not a Destination

We were headed to The Golden State today with a Bucket List for California.


I took an unexpected virtual trip here when I got a text from Belle Saturday morning.

Hey! Buddy and I are going backpacking!
We are going to Frozen Head State Park.
If you don’t hear back from us by 10 pm Sunday,
send out a search party!
Love you and wanted someone to know our plans.

Thank you.
Always a good idea for you to let someone know where you are.
Love you both!

A follow-up text came 28 hours later.

We made it back safely. It was a rainy trip!
Love you!

Glad you are safe! Hope you had a good time despite the rain.

We did have a good time!
I think one of the park rangers was a little worried about us tho.
We even got to see wild hogs with babies.
We obviously gave them a wide berth!

Warms this momma’s heart knowing y’all like to do things together!
Love you too! to the moon and back!I

It has taken me awhile to learn that …
when you decide to do something different you often don’t know the impact of that decision until much later.

Faith-Filled Family Travels USA - Life is a Journey

I never dreamed a decision to homeschool our children would result in me helping other homeschool parents. 

That was a decision we made over 15 years ago.

I had no idea that spending a year traveling across the US in an RV would give our children such a thirst for adventure and a traveling companion/friend for life.

That was a decision we were trying to make 7 years ago.

Who knew that Gary and I would be planning another RV Road Trip across the USA?

This decision was made in July 2017 when Gary found, bought, and drove home an RV he found in Florida.

I’ve come to realize that even though I don’t know how things are going to turn out,
sometimes I just have to have faith, step out of my comfort zone, and trust that I’m on the right path.

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