Louisiana State Capitol

Before we left home on a travel adventure across the USA, our family talked about where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.

Our children wanted to visit state capitals and tour state capitol buildings.

After traveling 4 1/2 months on a year-long RV road trip across the USA, our family had visited 23 states and toured 10 capitols.

For our destination in Louisiana, our family headed to Baton Rouge to see and tour the Louisiana State Capitol.

You’re reading one of Faith-Filled Family’s top 15 posts for 2015. This post was last updated in February 2018 to let you know you’re also reading a post that contains a photo used for Louisiana’s TeenPact Leadership Schools.

Here’s what we saw, learned, and enjoyed at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Faith-Filled Family presents the Louisiana State Capitol

state capitol drive baton rouge LA state capitol in the distance

The Louisiana State Capitol is 450 feet tall.
It was easy to find our way to the tallest capitol building in the US.

statue of huey p. long in baton rouge

The 40th governor of Louisiana, Huey P. Long (served 1928-1932), dreamed of a new capitol building.
Long had to fight for the funds to build his dream during the Great Depression.
The Louisiana State Capitol cost $5 million to build and was completed in 14 months.

huey long looks at LA state capitol

Huey P. Long’s statue faces his dream Capitol.

As for the building,

48 steps to entrance LA state capitol     almost to the top

The entrance is reached by climbing 48 steps.
Each step is engraved with a state name.  Each state is listed in order of admittance into the Union.
Louisiana became a state in 1812.
(I took a pic of our hometown state admitted to the Union in 1796.) steps LA state capitol engraved with state names

Since Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union after the construction of this building,
their state names were added somewhere else at a later time.

LA state capitol

On the top step,
we found the words “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One).
This phrase is also included on the Great Seal of the United States.

On our way to the entrance, we passed two monumental statues.

the Pioneers state at LA state capitol the Patriots statue at LA state capitol

The “Pioneers” statue
represents the courageous men and women who founded the state of Louisiana.
The “Patriots” statue
represents those who for Louisiana and those who lost a loved one in battle.

entrance of LA state capitol

The entrance to the building is an astonishing 50 feet
and is adorned with a decorated relief of Louisiana’s natural resources and economic products.

Above the door,

LA state seal flanked by eagles

we found two eagles surrounding the Great Seal of the State of Louisiana.

Above the eagles and the LA State Seal,

exterior of LA state capitol

we saw 6 figures representing the people and countries who have ruled Louisiana over the centuries.

natives of LA figure represent country ruled LA

Louisiana has been occupied by Native Americans
and has been ruled by Spain, the US, the Confederacy, and France.

Stepping inside, we entered the Memorial Hall covered in marble.

country flags that ruled LA displayed in LA state capitol

On a guided tour of the Louisiana State Capitol building,
we learned about the history of this state.

Then we took an elevator ride to . . .

observation deck at 27th floor of LA state capitol

the Observation Deck on the 27th floor of this building.
The 450 ft Louisiana capitol building has 34 floors.

From 350 feet,
we enjoyed the views of Baton Rouge.

In the east,

view from atop LA state capitol old arsenal museum in baton rouge

we saw the formal rose gardens and an arsenal.

Our family talked about exploring the Old Arsenal Museum
to learn about the 1862 Battle of Baton Rouge.

In the west,

view of MS river from atop LA state capitol

we admired the Mississippi River.

pentagon buildings in baton rouge

We noticed the Pentagon Barracks,

pentagon buildings in baton rouge

which we had passed on our way to the capitol.

On an overcast but warm winter day,
we enjoyed the views from the Louisiana State Capitol Building.

view of MS river from baton rouge

With the zoom of my camera,

uss kidd on MS river in baton rougeI noticed and pointed out the USS Kidd to my family.
We wondered if we’d have enough time to stop and see the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial.

There wasn’t as much to see to the north.

view from atop LA state capitol chemical corridor in baton rouge

This area is called the Chemical Corridor.

Looking to the south, we found the best view. . .

view of gardens in front of LA state capitol

the grounds of the manicured Capitol Gardens

close-up of gardens in front of LA state capitol statue of huey long in baton rouge

and a different view of the statue of Huey P. Long.
During the guided tour, we learned about Long’s assassination.
We stood in the hallway where he was shot. We saw the bullet holes in the wall.
We read about this historic event in a 1935 newspaper article.
And we learned that Huey P. Long is buried on the grounds of his dream.

As we left the Louisiana State Capitol that day,

walking away from LA state capitol LA state capitol

I realized our entire family had learned a lot while roadschooling across the USA.

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