Maintaining Altitude with Faith as We Planned for our Trip

Are you enjoying the international flight of FAITH as we work our plan to travel the USA in an RV?
Are you ready for this flight post to end?

On March 12th, Gary and I became aware that not only the Master Navigator for this puzzling journey of life but family members and friends would help us prepare for departure, if only we believed and if only we had faith.

I believed and I had faith, but I did not sit on my hands and wait further stepping stones.

After my warning cry, I picked up the list of tasks and went back to work. An RV may not have fallen from the sky, but I believed that Gary and I should proceed with our plan.  With God’s guidance, our determination, and assistance from others, I was convinced that our dream was possible.

During my research on RV travel, I read that if you tell your family members and friends about the trip as soon as the departure date is set, your loved ones can adjust to your plans and even become involved in the preparations. So, despite the fact that Gary and I had not set a departure day yet, on March 13th we began sharing our dream with our family members and a few close friends.

Since each set of our parents and every friend reacted differently to our dream and to our plan, I’ll write about their reactions in a separate post.

As for a departure date, in the month of March, Gary and I had the month of August in mind for departure.

Gary returned to work, but this week he had a specific task. His task for the week was to investigate the possibility of a sabbatical. For Gary, a sabbatical might ease his doubts about the What Ifs and the Unknowns of returning home. For a couple of our parents, a sabbatical was the more normal and responsible plan. In this economy, who willingly walks away from a well-paying job which provides for his family?

In my mind, only a brave knight would walk away from a well-paying job in order to protect and preserve his family. Honestly, I disliked the idea of a sabbatical from the very beginning. The purpose of acting on our dream was to provide a change for our family. I acknowledged that a sabbatical would answer the Unknowns of returning home.

With a sabbatical, Gary would be returning to work in corporate America upon our return home.  My knight would have to reenter the dungeon. In my mind, this was not an option. I would rather live with the Unknown and plan for the What Ifs of tomorrow.

Fortunately, for the gatekeeper of the dungeon, a sabbatical was not an option for Gary.

With Gary at work, I tackled the tasks at home. The realtors were scheduled for this week. So, I worked like a robot and finished the spring cleaning in record time.

With the cleaning complete, I began another task concerning our house and its contents. If we were going to sell our stick and brick house and move into a much smaller house on wheels, we could not possibly travel with all of our belongings.

Not wanting to sell everything we owned, I began identifying those items we were not willing to sell. This process could become a post topic of its own. In a house full of furniture, knick-knacks, and memories, how do you choose what to sell and what to store? I will spare you the decision-making process of the destination of each of our belongings.

But one item that I was not willing for my knight to sell was his modern-day horse, a 76 MG Midget. Despite the fact that his modern horse has been stalled in our garage for years, I was not ready for my knight to sell his car. This modern-day horse was more than a car to my knight. This car is his passion. This car only needs my knight’s time, expertise, and elbow grease. One day, my knight will be granted time. I was willing to wait for that day. I was not willing for my knight to sell his passion.

Thus, we would need to rent a storage unit large enough to store the contents of our home and the car in our garage.  Or we could rent two separate units, one for the contents of our home and another one for Gary’s car.  With only three storage units in town, a decision was made after three phone calls.

I identified a single unit that was convenient and economical.  Since our house would need to sell before we needed the unit, I placed our name on a waiting list.  For now, another task was complete.  A storage unit would house our belongings that we treasured and believed we could not live without.  (Living in a small home on wheels certainly changed my perspective of what I could live without, but this is a topic for another day.)

For all the items we were not willing to store, we would have a garage sale, perhaps multiple garage sales. The sale of these items would cushion the envelopes for our return home.

Several items that I was not willing to store or to sell were our family photos and scrapbook albums. Since scrapbook albums are technically books, the nostalgic bibliophile in me has created many scrapbooks. I would need to find a special and spacious place for these memories.

Before I had time to work out a plan for these priceless items or even add this important task to the list, I received a few stepping stones from loved ones to solve this problem for me.

Without me asking, my Momma volunteered extra room in her closets for our clothes and for our photo albums. She was concerned about storing these items in a storage unit.  I knew my Momma didn’t have room, but she was willing to make room. She was willing to help us prepare for departure.

And without me saying a word, I had two fellow friends, who are also scrap-bookers, offer a shelf or a corner in their closets to store our scrapbooks. Neither wanted me to store our family memories in a storage unit.  My friends were willing to help us prepare for departure.

I was beginning to see what I read was actually true.

Despite the initial reactions of our family members and friends toward our dream and our plans, each and every one of them wanted to become a part of our dream as they helped us prepare for departure.

Throughout the month of March, it was amazing to see tasks crossed off the lists not only by me but by my loved ones.  Tasks were crossed off that I hadn’t even considered a plan yet.

I honestly believe that God not only handles the boulders in our path, but also cares about the small rocks too!

If only we believe . . .
If only we have faith. . .
If only we would ask our Heavenly Father . . .

Our flight continues tomorrow,

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