7 Nicknames for Cleveland, Ohio

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While researching the top attractions in the second largest city in Ohio, I came across a list of nicknames for Cleveland.  Finding and reading through a list of nicknames, I couldn’t help but wonder how Cleveland earned these nicknames.  My curiousity led me on a research spree (I would rather spend time researching than shopping) and my research spree gave me the idea for this post.

If you’ve just found this post, it might be helpful to know that I’ve been writing a series called “Where Would you Want to Go in the US Wednesday”?  If you’d like read to the first post in this series, you can do so here.

We’ve spent the last 3 weeks in Ohio virtually touring Cincinnati and Columbus.

And today we’re heading to Cleveland.

For our virtual tour of Cleveland, I am going to share a list of this city’s nicknames, the meaning behind these nicknames, and a list of places to go and sites to see that highlight Cleveland’s nicknames.  I hope you’ll be surprised like I was just how many top attractions in Cleveland made this list from a research spree on nicknames.

7 Nicknames for Cleveland, Ohio

 Metropolis of the Western Reserve

This nickname comes from the early history of the city.  In 1796 when General Moses Cleveland surveyed this area, it had already been claimed by the Colony of Connecticut.  The Connecticut Western Reserve included the northeast region of present day Ohio.

If you’re interested in the early history of Cleveland, you might want to make a stop at the Western Reserve Historical Society.  This historical society manages many historical homes in the area.

The North Coast

Cleveland is often called the North Coast because it borders Lake Erie.  While visiting Cleveland, you can also experience Lake Erie by spending some time at:


Other than the obvious (Cleveland starts with the letter C) , I couldn’t find a reason for this nickname.  However, I did find it interesting that Cleveland was once spelled Cleaveland (after General Moses Cleveland).  But reportedly the ‘A” was dropped and the spelling changed so the city’s name, Cleveland, could fit on a headline for a newspaper article.

Sixth City

This nickname references Cleveland’s population status back in the early 1900s.

The Forest City

This nickname refers to Cleveland’s status as a modern city located within in a forested area. Cleveland isn’t the only city called “the Forest City”.  Atlanta (GA), Portland (ME), and Rockford (IL) share this nickname with Cleveland.

Visiting sites within the forested area of Cleveland is easy because a collection of nature preserves actually surround this city.  These nature preserves are referred to as the “Emerald Necklace” of Cleveland.  Here’s 2 places you don’t want to miss:

Finding attractions that support Cleveland’s status as a modern city was easy.  Here are a few suggestions you might not want to miss:

  • Cleveland Orchestra which is reportedly one of the “big five” major orchestras in the US
    • In case you were wondering like I was, the other major orchestras in the US are: the Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia Symphonies and the New York Philharmonic
  • Cleveland Museum of Art which is reportedly one of the most visited art museums in the world
  • Landmark Buildings in Cleveland
    • the Terminal Tower is 708 feet tall and when it was completed in 1930 it was reportedly the second tallest building in the world.  When Gary and I make it to Cleveland, I don’t want to miss the observation deck on the 42nd floor of The Terminal Tower.
      • In case you were wondering like I was, the tallest building in the world is Shanghai Tower at 2,073 feet
    • the Key Tower at 947 feet is the tallest building in Cleveland and the 20th tallest building in the US
    • West Side Market
    • and too many churches to list, which I hope we can see some day.
Mistake on the Lake

During my research, I found one negative nickname for Cleveland.  Cleveland has been called “Mistake on the Lake” after industrial waste on the surface of the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969.  This incident and negative image of Cleveland resulted in a positive.  A 10-year plan was devised to address the environmental issues of industries.  This plan was created in 2009 and is called Sustainable Cleveland 2019.

The Rock and Roll Capital of the World

With the location of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, it’s easy to guess why Cleveland earned this nickname.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is the reason my husband chose Ohio as our first destination on our second RV road trip.

Modern Building

(this picture obtained from publicdomainpictures.net)

Have you been to Cleveland?
What’s your must-see site in C-town?

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