Our Family’s RV Road Trip – When and Where did we Go?

DSCN0045‘My intention today was to begin with the first H question.

How did we decide to take action and make our dream come true?


But the longer I thought about the How, the more I returned to a frequently asked question of All road trips.


 Are we there yet?

Surprisingly, on a year-long RV Road Trip across the USA,
our children never asked this question.

However, with technology of today, we shouldn’t have been surprised.





On the other hand, we thought and said,
“Wish we were there!”
on those long travel days across Texas and Wyoming.

DSCN9233 DSCN9232

 On long travel days, our children and Fannie napped.


As for the question, “Are we there yet”,

I suppose Garmin girl answers this question so there is no reason to ask.

With a quick glance at Garmin girl’s display,  we could all see how many miles we still had to travel
and how much longer until we reached our destination.

As I began to think about sharing the When and the Where of our adventure, I wondered,

“How can I wait to share with you the most exciting part of our road trip?”

How can I wait?

I can’t because just thinking about our road trip fills my mind with spectacular scenes and my heart
with fond memories. DSCN7467

I can’t wait, but I’m not ready today to share all the details to the questions When and the Where.

But I am ready to give you a sneak peek to When and Where did we Go.


When did we leave for our Road Trip adventure across the USA?   

We drove away from security and into freedom in the fall of September 2011.

Where did we begin this once in a lifetime opportunity? 

We began in our home state of Tennessee.  We drove out of Tennessee and headed east and then north.

Where did we go as we traveled across the USA?

DSCN4011It might be easier to answer a different question.

Where did we not go as we toured the USA?

We did not plan or attempt to drive into Alaska or sail to Hawaii.

We didn’t finish our travels by visiting Missouri and Arkansas
as we had originally planned.

However, we visited 46 states and ventured into Canada three different times on a year-long road trip adventure.





When did we return home?


We toured, moved, and lived across America for almost a year.

We had a great time,

but we were ready to come home by July of 2012.

Until we meet again,

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      Thanks for traveling with me on this faith journey. Wish we were enjoying a cup of coffee together as I continue to share my story. Glad to hear the e-mail subscription worked.

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