Our Home on Wheels

Since our family invited our first guest for dinner in New York, I thought you might like to come over and check out our home on wheels, too.

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Welcome to our Home on Wheels – a Heartland Cyclone 3800

Here’s a quick peek when the slides are pulled in on travel days.

cyclone 3800          cyclone 3800

When the slides are out, we have so much room in our big rig.
Here we are in the den.
One of the features I wanted in a home on wheels was windows.
One of the mandatory features for my tall knight was lofty ceilings.
In the Heartland Cyclone 3800, we got both.

Cyclone 3800

  On this side of the den, you can see one large window;
two incliners with a storage compartment in between
(this compartment became the perfect place for Gary’s computer and stuff);
a wall of cabinets
(which we filled with kitchen staples, pots and pans, and hand-held appliances);
a flat-screen TV
(which we don’t even own in our stick-and-brick house);
and an electric fireplace
(which I don’t know what we would have done without.)
The stairs to the right lead up to a bathroom and the master bedroom, but
I’ll finish giving you the tour downstairs before we head upstairs.

cyclone 3800

Also in the den, there are two additional large windows and two small windows.
The couch proved to be the perfect place for two to snuggle
or the perfect music room for one.

 IMG_0169          DSCN6150

 The pull-out couch also had a storage drawer underneath
(which in theory was the perfect place to store everyone’s shoes)

 In our home on wheels,
the kitchen and den were combined.

cyclone 3800          cyclone3800

Here you can see our tiny but functional kitchen.
The island added to the versatility and space in such a small kitchen.
A table and four chairs proved more versatile for us than a table with bench seats.

 DSCN6151IMG_0109 cyclone 3800

 The kitchen table served us well:
as a desk for one, an office for three, or a dinner table for four.
The theme for every meal gathered around this tiny table was togetherness.
While living in a home on wheels, we discovered there is no better theme.
At times, Belle turned the kitchen table into a craft table.
As for Fannie, you can see,
she found plenty of room inside our home on wheels at our feet and in front of the heat.

Here is another view of the den and kitchen.

cyclone 3800

  Looking past the kitchen table, you can see white vertical blinds pulled closed in this picture.
These blinds cover the sliding glass door which leads into the garage.
Above the sliding glass doors, you can see a 1/2 wall and an opening,
this opening leads to Buddy’s loft.

cyclone 3800     cyclone3800

For Buddy to get into his loft,
he had to climb a narrow wooden ladder with slender round rungs.
You can barely see the ladder in the picture on the left.

Buddy’s loft was large enough to hold a twin air mattress, two baskets of clothes,
two bins of toys, enough books to fill two shelves, and a stack of magazines.
And of course, Buddy always made room for Fannie.

cyclone 3800

 By the end of our year-long adventure, Buddy had grown so much
that he had difficultly climbing into his loft and no longer had enough head room to play in his room.

Back on ground level and through the sliding glass doors, we enter the garage.
On travel days, this was the condition of the garage, because . . .

cyclone 3800

on travel days, the table had to be completely dismantled; the bench seats had to be unfolded;
and the bench seats and Belle’s loft had to be raised and locked for travel.
The brown skirt hanging down from the ceiling on the right side of the picture
is one of the handmade bench seat covers.

After a travel day and once set-up was complete,
the bench seats were lowered and unfolded, the table was assembled,
and the garage was transformed into a functioning school room.

cyclone 3800

With three large windows in the school room, I was frequently distracted.
However, Belle and Buddy worked well in their school room with wheels.


 If we (I) felt that the walls of our tiny school room were closing in on us,
we could open the garage door for additional light, fresh air, and frequently a view.

cyclone 3800

In this picture, you can see Belle’s platform loft above the table and bench seats.

The “back porch” was a bonus feature in our home on wheels.
It was one of the features which made this 5th wheel the perfect piece of RV candy
for our family on a road trip adventure.

cyclone 3800Cyclone 3800

 Belle’s loft was located directly above the school room table and bench seats.
To see into Belle’s loft, we have to stand on a step stool or the back of the seats.

cyclone 3800

Fortunately for Belle but unfortunately for Buddy,
Belle had more head room in her loft than Buddy had in his.
But just like Buddy’s loft, Belle’s loft had plenty of room for Fannie.

cyclone 3800As for Fannie in Belle’s bed, this was not a nightly occurrence.
Fannie was only invited to snuggle in bed with Belle or Buddy after she had had a bath.

And bathing Fannie in our small bathroom proved to be a challenge,

cyclone 3800cyclone 3800.

 but Buddy and I devised a workable plan.
In this tight space, you can’t even see Fannie, but she’s there

 And here is the master bedroom for Gary and me.


 Our room was small, but quite cozy.
The mirrored sliding glass doors hide a walk-in closet.

With pocket doors, our bedroom was connected to the main bathroom.

cyclone 3800

 In our stick-and-brick house, I had never thought to scrap-book in bed,
but living in an RV required creative thinking when trying to find a space to work and spread out. IMG_0104

 (A few of you might notice my flat, wooden work-top table in this picture, it’s my hand-made stove top cover.
This cover worked perfectly as my scrapbook table.  Thanks, Bob!

 This completes the tour of our home on wheels,
but here is one last picture.


Here’s Buddy inside the underbelly storage.
This storage space served as our basement.
Because of his willingness and his size,
Buddy was chosen to climb into the basement and change the vacuum cleaner filter.

 cyclone 3800

Living in an RV was different and at times peculiar,
but I hope to live in a home on wheels with my knight
some day.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the tour.

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