Photos across the USA by an Amateur Photographer

I just found out that today (June 15, 2016) is Nature Photography Day.

The North American Nature Photography Association designated Nature Photography Day eleven years ago to “promote the enjoyment of nature photography, and to explain how images have been used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide”.

On a road trip adventure across the USA, I enjoyed taking pictures everywhere. And I especially enjoyed taking pictures of birds, flowers, insects, trees, and wildlife. I took lots of pictures at campgrounds, in national parks, and across our beautiful country.

photos across the usa by an amateur photographer

And Gary took lots of pictures of me like this.

After reading 5 Ways to Celebrate Nature Photography Day, I thought about heading outside today to breathe some fresh air, soak up some vitamin D, get some exercise, and capture some nature in photos. But two things stopped me from taking pictures in the great outdoors today.

First, I remembered that my camera completely died after our road trip. After taking tens of thousands of pictures, my camera quit after we got home. (Gary has offered to buy me a new camera, but I’m holding out on getting a new camera when Gary and I take another extended trip. For now, I borrow Lauren’s digital camera and use the camera on my phone.)

But what really kept me from taking pictures outside today was the heat and the humidity. I just checked our weather, and it’s only 90 degrees. But it feels like it is 104 degrees. Heat advisories are in effect for us all week. The only thing I did outside today was run a few errands.

Instead of taking pictures today, I celebrated Nature Photography Day by spending some time picking out and uploading my favorite nature photos from our road trip across the USA.

If you’d like to celebrate Nature Photography Day in the comfort of your air-conditioned office or home, you can check out my nature photos on Fine Art America. You can find photos that I uploaded today in the following categories/galleries:

If you’d like one more thing to do to celebrate Nature Photography Day,

you can read my post 11 Lessons I Learned from a Tree.

2 thoughts on “Photos across the USA by an Amateur Photographer

  1. Robin, your photographs are outstanding!!! Keep up the good work.

    Aren’t you a little close to that bear?

    I wasn’t able to bring up the pictures on 11 Lessons I Learned from a Tree.

    • Thanks Barbara for your encouragement!

      As to my closeness to the bear, I was safe in the dually as this bear crossed the road in front of us and walked alongside the truck. You could feel the excitement in the dually. We had looked for bears all day.

      You are correct – the pictures in 11 Lessons I Learned from a Tree can’t be enlarged. I uploaded those in a different program.

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