Rhode Island State House Virtual Tour

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A Virtual Tour of the Rhode Island State House


This is what we learned about:

 the construction of the Rhode Island State House:

  • construction began in 1895
  • white Georgian marble was used in its construction
  • it’s architectural style is Neoclassical
  • this capitol building was completed in 1904
  • in 1970, the RI State House was added to the National Register of Historic Places

 the Dome of the Rhode Island State House:


  • it is the 4th largest self-supporting marble dome in the world
    (after St. Peter’s Basilica, the MN state capitol building, and the Taj Mahal)
  • Independent Man stands atop the Rhode Island State House


Independent Man:

  • is a gilded bronze statue
  • that stands 11 ft. tall and weighs 500 lbs.
  • who represents freedom
  • and who alludes to the independent spirit of Roger Williams

You go ahead and step inside with Gary, Belle, and Buddy and take a self-guided tour of the Rhode Island State House.  I’ll wait outside.  Not only are we sightseeing in Providence with our big rig, but we also have Fannie with us.

rhode island state housefannie

Throughout the capital building, we saw paintings, statues, battle flags, and guns.  Each one has a story to tell.

Buddy immediately spied the Gettysburg Gun and Civil War Flags.  In a corner, Belle found the original parchment charter for the colony of Rhode Island which was granted by King Charles II in 1663.

gettysburg gunRI charter

 On the rotunda floor, we found a bronze replica of the Rhode Island State Seal.  We preferred looking at the State Seal from the upper balconies. DSCN7371

We found the Senate Chambers in the East Wing on the second floor.  We admired the design of the Senate Chambers which was modeled after the Pantheon in Rome. DSCN7355

In the West Wing we found the chambers for the House of Representatives.  This chamber is unique for having two public galleries.

house of representatives chamber in the RI state house

In the South end of the Rhode Island State House, we found the State Reception Room.  This room is the entrance to the Governor’s office.  In the State Room, the governor holds formal receptions, press conferences, and bill signings.  In the State Reception Room, we saw the full portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart (a native Rhode Islander).

RI state house

In the North End of the Rhode Island State House, my family stumbled upon the State Library.  After admiring the State Library, Gary and Buddy sat with Fannie while Belle showed me this grand library.  My family knew that I didn’t mind missing the Senate or House of Representatives Chamber but I wouldn’t want to miss this library.

inside RI state houseinside RI state house

In the Rhode Island State Library, I turned around and around admiring . . .

  • the three tiers of books
  • the “embellished gold-leaf and plaster reproductions of printer’s marks.  These 16 marks, which adorn the borders of the State Library ceiling, are copies of famous printers who worked at their craft in Europe from about 1474 to 1620.” (description from The Rhode Island State House: A self-guided tour)
  • windows that are almost 2-stories high

I would have pulled up a chair and sat in this library, but Belle politely reminded me that Dad and Buddy were waiting outside for us.

As Belle and I made our way to the exit, the interior of the dome caught my attention, particularly the dome’s support structure.

dome of RI state housedome of RI state house

dome of RI state housedome of RI state house

I couldn’t decide which large medallion was my favorite:
The allegorical figure depicting Education, Justice, Commerce, or Literature.

When we exited the building on the North side, we realized that we had not entered the capitol building at the entrance, once again.  The entrance to the Rhode Island State House is on the South side.


At the entrance, Fannie captured the attention of a group of girls on a school field trip.


On the steps of the Rhode Island Capitol Building,
Belle had an opportunity to chat with girls instead of her brother on a Road Trip across the USA.

With our tour of the Rhode Island State House complete, we walked through downtown Providence to return to our big rig and get back on the road.

Before we left the capital of Rhode Island, we reviewed what we had learned:

  • Providence sits on seven hills along the banks of Narragansett Bay.
  • Not only is Providence the largest city in Rhode Island, but it is also the second largest populous city in New England.  (Boston is the most populous city in New England.)
  • The Providence River flows through the heart of downtown.  In the 1990s, portions of the river where uncovered and rerouted and parks were built along the banks of the Providence River.  We thought the narrow, peaceful river added to the charm of this city.


Even though we enjoyed our time in Providence and could have found more sights to explore,
it was time to hit the road again.



Sightseeing in Providence on a travel day had been a success!
I’ll see you next time at our temporary address in Rhode Island.

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