RV Trip through Montana

We held a family meeting to discuss Where to Go in Montana on a road trip adventure across the USA.

Belle and Buddy voted to return to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

With limited funds and time and a distance of 423 miles between Glacier and Yellowstone, Gary explained
to Belle and Buddy that our family couldn’t visit both of these national parks on this RV Road Trip across the USA.

Having to pick just one national park to revisit, Belle and Buddy voted to return to Yellowstone National Park.

I not only agreed but was thrilled with their decision.  Because on our first visit to Yellowstone years ago, we didn’t see many animals and we didn’t have time to see Old Faithful.

After spending a day in a jewel of a city in the Gem State, our family hit the road again.

When mapping a route to Yellowstone National Park, I discovered that West Yellowstone, Montana, was 428 miles away from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Since 428 miles made an extremely long travel day for us when towing a home on wheels, Gary and I decided to break up this travel day.

This allowed us another sightseeing destination in Big Sky Country.

On Travel Day # 57, we left Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and headed to Yellowstone National Park, but we made a stop in Butte, Montana.  In Butte, MontanaI found Fairmont RV Park which was a big rig, budget friendly campground.

From our Travel Journal dated May 26, 2012 –  After another long travel day, we safely arrived at Fairmont RV Park.

While watching the news before going to bed, we heard advisories for snow throughout the weekend.  “This weekend?  Memorial Day weekend!  Did we hear correctly?”

Being raised in the South, we often spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake.  On an RV Road Trip, I can’t believe that snow in Montana is a possibility on the weekend that unofficially marks the beginning of summer in the South.

When I awoke this morning, I immediately raised my window shade without having to get out of bed (a luxury of living in an RV despite its big rig status).  I wanted to see if the predictions for snow had come true.

My first look out of the window was hazy due to a covering of condensation that had formed
on the window (a disadvantage of living in a home on wheels).  After wiping off the condensation,
I could clearly see that the ground was not blanketed in white.

When Gary awoke this morning, not only did he look outside but he also checked the weather.  He informed me that 2 advisories are in affect for Butte, Montana, today:

a winter weather advisory and a pollen advisory.  Unbelievable!

In Big Sky Country, Winter and Spring occur on the same day.

From our Travel Journal dated Sunday, May 27th –  Just a quick note on the weather before we depart for West Yellowstone, Montana.

The temperature is a chilly 32 degrees this morning and we can clearly see 2-3 inches of snow blanketing the campground.

Despite a continued warning for a winter storm, Gary has decided to leave Butte as scheduled. . .

After a walk around the campground, Buddy and I returned and reported to Gary that the snow is already melting on the campground roads and the adjacent highway. . .

Since we have not begun our departure chores, the snow has 1-2 hours to disappear from the interstate before we hit the road again. . .

I still can’t believe that on an RV Road Trip across the USA our family donned hats and mittens instead of bathing suits and sandals and sipped hot chocolate instead of eating BBQ in Montana on the eve of Memorial Day weekend.

DSCN4824 DSCN4244

DSCN4762DSCN4771  DSCN4795DSCN4784

DSCN4788 DSCN4790   DSCN4806DSCN4804 


DSCN4815 DSCN4816 DSCN4818DSCN4803 DSCN4823

DSCN4825 DSCN4826

DSCN4827 DSCN4828

On Travel Day # 58, we left Butte, Montana and enjoyed our drive through Big Sky Country.


After traveling 161 miles, we safely reached our next destination:  West Yellowstone, Montana.  (Click here to see an updated map of Our Route across the USA.)

In West Yellowstone, I found a big rig friendly but expensive campground minutes away from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Surprisingly, Gary approved breaking the campground budget.

We parked our home on wheels 4 nights at Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park,
which gave us plenty of time to explore Yellowstone National Park for the second time.

DSCN5098      DSCN5097DSCN5119

  DSCN5113     DSCN5109

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