Selling our Dually after an RV Road Trip

When we returned home from a year-long RV Road Trip, we answered lots of questions.

Like this one:

What about the dually?  Are you keeping it?

The only reason we purchased a dually was to tow an RV.  Thus, Gary had no intentions of keeping the dually after our RV road trip adventure.

However, I was beginning to wonder if my Knight had changed his mind since he didn’t attempt to sell the dually for some time.  How long did Gary wait to try to sell the dually?  Until the big rig sold.

Gary didn’t want to sell the dually before he sold the big rig.  He wanted to keep a means of moving the RV.  (The need for moving or delivering the RV to a buyer never entered my mind.)

When we were no longer the owners of a big rig, there was no reason to keep a dually.

Since Gary had difficulty finding a dually to buy before our RV road trip, he wasn’t anticipating difficulties selling a used dually after our travel adventure across the USA.

When we returned home, the dually had logged just under 50,000 miles.  To help with resale, Gary didn’t want the dually to roll over 50,000 miles.  Thus, the dually sat in the driveway most of the time.  We rarely drove it.  (and I had grown accustomed and liked driving a dually.)

As we waited for a buyer (as we waited just for a phone call), the dually sat in our driveway through February and March and April.

By May, I was tired of seeing a dually in my driveway that I couldn’t drive.



If that dually couldn’t be towing an RV and I couldn’t be living in a big rig and traveling somewhere, I didn’t want to own a dually any longer.  Neither did Gary.

But the phone never rang and we received only a couple of e-mails inquiring about our dually for sale.

After 4 months of trying to sell the dually, Gary came up with another idea for getting rid of the dually that we no longer needed.

On June 8th, (11 months after returning home from a year-long adventure), I received a call from Gary.

My Knight needed a ride home from CarMax.  Because he had just sold a dually.

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