Sightseeing in Bennington, VT- Day 3

Sightseeing in Bennington, VT – Exploring the U.S.A. – One Small Town at a Time

On this virtual travel adventure, you have been more informed that our loved ones were on the actual travel adventure.  Prior to our temporary address at Pine Hollow Campground in Pownal, Vermont, we had poor to no internet connections.

For whatever cyber reasons, during the actual travel adventure, I had been unable to update our loved ones using the Shutterfly share site, which had been created prior to our departure.  For three weeks, our parents relied on infrequent phone calls from us, because we also had poor to no cell phone coverage.  For three weeks, our friends had no idea where or how we were.

However, on September 26, 2011, I made my first entry on the Shutterfly site.  These entries will help me share the actual travel adventure with you.

We all slept in this morning.

This picture was taken at the roadside shop which sold pumpkins, gourds, home-made apple treats, and maple goodies.

For breakfast, Gary made French toast.  Belle wanted to try the Vermont pure maple syrup, which we had bought yesterday.  But we made a family decision to wait for a breakfast of pancakes to try the pure maple syrup.

After breakfast, school was in session for Belle and Buddy, who spent the morning completing their school work.

As for Gary and me, we worked on finding temporary addresses for our home on wheels for the upcoming Columbus Day weekend.  We did not realize that Columbus Day weekend is a popular camping weekend in the northeast.  We learned that this weekend marks the end of the camping season.  Gary and I did not know that most campgrounds in the New England states would close for the season after the Columbus Day weekend.  Luckily, we found a campground that wasn’t book for the weekend and that could accommodate our big rig.

For our last afternoon in Bennington, Vermont, we chose to tour Bennington Potters and walk around Downtown Bennington.DSCN4833

Bennington Potters has been in business since the Revolutionary War.

Their workshop is open for self-guided tours.

Since Fannie was with us,
we took turns touring the workshop.

bennington potters, VT

Fannie waited, but not patiently.  She whimpered until each family member returned to the pack.

worker at bennington potters, VT

In the workshop, we watched the artisans at each of the stations and read the over-hanging placards.  The placards described what the artisans were doing.

The self-guided tour was not only educational but also entertaining.

After the workshop tour, we headed to the gift shop at Bennington Potters.

bennington potters, VTThe gift shop was housed in a building dating to the 1920.  This building was once a one-room school house.

The gift shop housed various pottery wares and house-hold decorations. However, not much of a shopper, the gift shop did not hold my interest for long.

While Gary, Buddy, and Belle browsed the entire shop which was housed in more than one building, Fannie and I waited outside for the rest of the pack.

fall mums, VTFortunately, it was a pleasant fall day and I found flowers to photograph.




After Bennington Potters, we followed the Downtown Bennington Walking Tour,
which I  had found online.  church in bennington, VT

We drove the dually to the first stop,
The Saint Francis de Sales Church.

The Walking Tour suggested that we park here for free.

Then, we took off on foot.

downtown bennington, VT


We strolled along Main Street and wandered down side streets.

bennington, VT




We found a handful of sights on the walking tour and we ignored the other five.

downtown welcome center, bennington, vT

Ironically, we stepped inside the Downtown Visitor Center on our last day in Bennington.

Surprisingly, our family had seen and explored most of the “Top Things to See and to Do in Bennington, Vermont”.

Gary and I resisted the urge to enter all the shops, downtown bennington, VTdowntown bennington, VT

but our family of four and Fannie managed to spend the entire afternoon in downtown Bennington.

The afternoon hours passed quickly.  The evening hours had arrived.  Not wanting to end our time in downtown Bennington just yet, we decided that today was the day to eat our first meal out.

Having Fannie with us in downtown Bennington posed only a minor predicament.

We decided to order take-out. downtown bennington, VT

With a box of piping-hot pizza and a handful of napkins, we found a bench at the intersection of North-South Street and Main, called the Four Corners by the locals.four corners in downtown bennington, VT

We dined on pizza while watching the townspeople and tourist for entertainment in Downtown Bennington, Vermont.

Waiting and hoping for a dropped treat,
Fannie laid at our feet.

 After dinner, we returned to a shop which we had initially resisted.downtown bennington, VT

Because after dinner, our family wanted a treat.

The smell in this store was heavenly, and the chocolate treats were divine.


We walked off our treat as we walked back to the dually.   Our time in Bennington, Vermont, had come to an end.  It was time to return to our home on wheels.

We rode in silence and admired the scenery.

pine hollow campground, Bennington, vT

Back at home, our family of four decided that Bennington, Vermont, is a beautiful place to visit especially in autumn.  Despite the fact that we had only resided in Vermont for three days, we had watched the color green gradually and magically disappear and the colors red, gold, and orange marvelously and miraculously appear each day .

autumn in VT

For our family of four, the sights of Vermont will linger with us,
as we head to our next destination tomorrow.


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