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Our family members and friends who read this blog from the beginning had the advantage of hearing about how we decided to go, how we prepared for our travel adventure, and where we went as we traveled across the USA  in chronological order.

If you just found this site from a search or a share, I want to make it easy for you to hear about our adventure from the beginning.

Hopefully, this post will serve as a “Table of Contents” for you and prevent any confusion. (My Momma who is unfamiliar with blogs was concerned about the standard reverse chronological order on the home page. This page is for and in honor of my Momma.)


  1. Who am I?

    1. Who is this faith-filled family?

  2. How we Decided to Take a Road Trip

  3. How we Prepared for an RV Road Trip

  4. Our Route across the USA

    1. Where did we Go on a Road Trip across the USA?

    2. What did we Do on an RV Road Trip?

  5. Our Home on Wheels

    1. What was it like living in an RV?

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