Living, Exploring and Learning in Massachusetts

After living, exploring, and learning in Massachusetts for 13 days, it was time to leave the Bay State behind.

On our 14th travel day on an RV road trip across the USA, we decided to do things differently.

We decided to take a detour.  A sightseeing detour.

As Gary and I mapped a route from Massachusetts to our next state destination, Rhode Island, I realized that we could choose one of several different routes from the campground in Plymouth to the next campground in Narragansett.

I liked the route that took us through the capital of Rhode Island.

I liked this route because my preferred sightseeing destination for RI was Providence.

But I couldn’t find a big rig and budget friendly campground in or around Providence.

Since every route was than 100 miles, Gary and I decided to stop in Providence on our way to the campground in RI.

This may not seem a big decision for you.  But it was for us.

It was a big decision for us, because we had never taken our big rig on a sightseeing adventure.

We knew that finding parking in Providence for a dually towing a big rig might be a challenge, but Gary
and I wanted to try.

In the back of my mind, I wondered how many parking meters we’d have to feed to park a 43 ft. RV.

The place I wanted to go in Rhode Island was Providence so we could tour the Rhode Island State House and visit the Roger Williams National Memorial.

When I researched visiting this national memorial, I saw that bus parking was available.

Wondering if our big rig might qualify as a bus, I called the Roger Williams National Memorial office.  I explained our situation.  The ranger was friendly and helpful.  He told me that a field trip was scheduled the day we would need parking and one of the bus parking spots had been reserved.  The ranger didn’t allow me to reserve the second bus parking spot, but he encouraged me to just drive by and see if that spot was still open.

We had no guarantee that we could find parking in Providence or at the Roger Williams National Memorial, but Gary and I were willing to give it a try.

We left Plymouth and had an uneventful drive.  We drove 50+ miles then . . .

travel day - MA to RIRhode Island

crossed the MA-RI state line.  Drove a few more miles and safely arrived in Providence.

Come back tomorrow to find out if we found parking for a dually towing a big rig so that we could have a sightseeing adventure in Providence.

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