Capitol Market in Charleston, WV

Part 1 Capitol Market was the beginning of our sightseeing adventure in Charleston, WV.

Capitol Market, Charleston, WV

Our family initially decided that the Capitol Market was a stop to see only if we had time.

free parking at the Capitol Market, Charleston, WV


However, when Gary found plentiful, spacious, and free parking for our dually
at the Capitol Market,


we decided to start our sightseeing adventures in Charleston there.



Since I believe that most topics are more interesting with some background information, I researched most sites prior to our sight-seeing adventures.   On the day of our adventures when we arrived at a site, I would share this information with my family.  In doing so, I hoped each stop would be more interesting and more memorable for each
of us.

Wanting you to enjoy your virtual tour of Charleston with us, I want to share my notes on the Capitol Market with you:

  • In the 1800s, a rail yard was built in this area.  The railroad provided a means
    to exchange goods.  This exchange of goods brought growth and wealth to the town of Charleston.
  • When the rail yard outgrew its prosperity, it was abandoned.  As a result, it deteriorated.
  • In 1997, as a means to revitalize this area and to preserve a piece of Charleston’s history, the Capitol Market opened where the rail yard once prospered.
  • The Capitol Market now houses an outdoor farmer’s market, several indoor specialty shops, and an Italian restaurant.

outdoor farmer's market, Capitol Market, Charleston, WVThe outdoor market is actually located
in the old transfer docks of the rail yard.

On the day we visited, the outdoor market was selling primarily produce and plants.  Despite the bold and bright colors of the flowers, the flowers were only admired by me.  The rest of my family walked by the plants quickly.


But once inside the market, all four of us found a place to appreciate and to enjoy: the West Virginia Marketplace, a specialty store which sells locally made products.  We spent some time browsing in the shops, but didn’t find anything we needed or wanted to purchase.

With a physical map of Charleston and with GG (Garmin Girl) on the walk setting, we left the Capitol Market and headed towards the West Virginia State Capitol Complex.

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