Tailwinds in March delivered another stepping stone

Since tailwinds in March delivered another stepping stone, is your seat belt still fastened?
Are you hanging on to the edge of your seat?

Either way, let’s get back to our international flight post.

When Gary left to pick up Buddy from scouts, I waited at home.
I waited at home for a phone call to pick up Belle from the barn.

Finally, the phone rang.  The ringing of the phone finally ended the silence in our home, but I was the only one home to hear it.   I was tired of discussions, but I was relieved the silence was over.

Imagine my surprise when I heard not my daughter’s voice requesting a pick-up, but a man’s voice. I identified the voice as Eric’s.

Eric, the RV salesman from our first visit to the RV dealership, was calling us with an update. He had just received a new bunkhouse motor home that he wanted us to see. He also wanted to show us two older models which had recently arrived to the dealership.

As I listened to Eric’s word, I could not believe what I was hearing.  (Even today as I type these words, my head still shakes in disbelief.) The timing of Eric’s call was unbelievable. Less than two hours ago, I had cried out a warning.

I do realize that an RV did not literally fall from the sky, but I do believe a stepping stone to the RV dealership had literally been dropped in front of us with a simple phone call. I do not believe the phone call was coincidence, but divine providence.

Once Gary returned home with Buddy from scouts and I returned home with Belle from the barn, I informed Gary of the phone call with Eric.  My knight stood and stared at me as he listened and processed my words.  He, too, could not believe what he was hearing.

A simple ring had not only ended the silence between Gary and me, but a simple phone call had also eliminated my frustration and my discouragement.  And from the look on my knight’s face, I believed a bit of doubt had been erased for him with this timely call.

Thankfully, a decision to go to the RV dealership did not necessitate a discussion.  Once lunch had been consumed (quickly I might add), our family of four headed straight to the RV dealership.  On the car ride to the RV dealership, excitement filled the car once again.

During our weekend get-a-away, Gary and I had made a list of mandatory features and bonus amenities for an RV.   With our check-list in my hand, our entire family inspected the used and older models first.  We quickly rejected the dark, the worn out, and the musty smelling older units.  (I knew finances dictated that we would need to purchase a used RV, but the idea of purchasing someone else’s used candy was still not appealing to me.)

And then we inspected the new unit, a Fleetwood Bounder bunkhouse model. With checklist in hand, this model met most of the mandatory features and many of the bonus amenities that Gary and I had discussed and listed. However, this particular model did not meet one important mandatory feature. The shower was much too small, especially for my tall knight.

Our family of four did not find the perfect RV candy that day.
Despite this fact, Gary decided to take the RV for a test drive.

Once onboard the RV, each of us chose a seat.  Gary sat in the driver seat.   Eric sat in the passenger seat.  Belle and Buddy had a difficult time choosing, but finally decided to sit on the couch by a huge window. And I found a spot at the kitchen table where I could see out multiple side windows and the windshield.  Our family of four buckled up for our first ride in an RV.  Gary inspected the gauges and questioned Eric before driving off in an RV for the very first time.  I still remember the ride like it was yesterday.

Unfortunately, I found the ride extremely bumpy.
Later that day, I learned that Gary found the drive unrefined and sloppy.
(Gary’s choice of words, not mine.)

Even though we had not found the perfect RV candy and we were certainly not ready to buy (We had not even made a final decision to act on our dream!), Gary willingly agreed to enter the sales negotiation room.

I followed along not knowing Gary had a secret motive. By discussing prices, financing, and insurance costs with Eric, Gary would now have actual numbers to compare to our proposed budget, which was devised during our weekend get-a-way.

Surprisingly and happily, Gary and I had over-estimated the expense of an RV and insurance. (Perhaps, we could have a new piece of candy with the wrapper still intact.)

For me, with this information, Gary and I had been presented yet another stepping stone to proceed with our dream and our plan.  Financing our dream was possible.

Apparently, Gary felt the same. Not a word was spoken about my recent plea, my discouragement, and his doubt.

Without a word spoken, Gary and I finally decided for the final time to turn our dream into a reality.  With this decision, we could proceed with our plan.  With our plan, our family could takeoff on a life-changing adventure.  I no longer was discouraged, because I had direction.

On March 12th, Gary and I became aware that the Master Navigator for this puzzling journey of life would help us prepare for departure.  Thank you, God, for stepping stones.

I wish I could report that Gary no longer had doubts, but he did.  But God had not provided His final stepping stone yet.  Time and stepping stones from God would eventually and finally erase Gary’s doubt.

Until our flight continues,

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    • Our journey through March is now complete. Hope you enjoyed the suspense! Gary seems to think I could write mini-series which most episodes ending with a cliffhanger.

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