The Black Hills of South Dakota – Part 2

I have already shared with you that in the Black Hills of South Dakota, our family:

  1. visited the Mount Rushmore National Memorialand took a scenic drive
  2. saw the Crazy Horse Memorial and explored the Indian Museum of North America
  3. toured the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary and  . . .

Now it is time to share with you a spontaneous stop that we made on our way back
to the campground after we toured the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

south dakota DSCN1026cascade falls

A plain brown and beige sign signaled us to stop.   On a road trip adventure across the USA, rarely did we stop without researching the area first.  For some reason, on this day, we made a spontaneous stop.  And this spontaneous stop included meeting three strangers and going on a motorcycle ride.

Cascade Falls in Black Hills National Forest


cascade falls SD

DSCN1029     DSCN1031

DSCN1034     DSCN1043

DSCN1072    DSCN1074

DSCN1039     DSCN1041


cascade falls SD

DSCN1053    DSCN1052

DSCN1027     DSCN1055


close up of cascade

 DSCN1079     DSCN1068

cascade fallsDSCN1066DSCN1046







From our Travel Journal dated June 13th,

Yesterday we toured the Wild Horse Sanctuary.  Our guide, Carla, was friendly talkative, and informative.  On our tour, Carla told us stories about individual horses, about Native American celebrations held on revered land within the sanctuary, and the pioneers who settled this land.  After a 3-hour tour, we also discovered that Carla was also quite comical (especially when she told us about the South Dakotan women who are prairie dog exterminators.)  Not only did Carla share her passion of horses and history, but she also shared bits and pieces of her own story.  After just a short period of time, it surprised me how open and friendly Carla was.

And thinking of friendly people, when we left the wild horse sanctuary we saw a sign for Cascade Falls, so we decided to stop.  At the falls, we met three of seven friends who meet once a year and travel around the country.  Five of these men have been friends since high school; two of these men have been friends since 4th grade.

Ira (from Spokane, WA), Jay (from a suburb of Chicago), and Bob (from Florida) were interested in our year-long adventure.  They asked all four of us (we had to reassure Belle that it was okay to talk to these men we had just met) numerous questions.  They asked Gary about his previous employment.  They asked Gary and me about our time on the road and our plans for the future.  They even asked us how our parents reacted when we told them that Gary was quitting his job so we could live out a dream of traveling across the USA.  They asked Belle and Buddy about life in an RV and where their favorite place we had traveled.

After answering their questions, we had a few questions for them.  We talked for quite some time.  Standing in the parking lot and getting ready to say good-bye,
Ira offered to give rides in his motorcycle side car.  My family jumped at this opportunity.  After the rides and before we said good-bye, Ira handed Belle and Buddy a $2 bill each.  He commented that these bills were sequential.  Ira went on to explain, “Since you are kin, don’t let anything come between you.  Nothing is between sequential bills.  And nothing is as rare as the bond between siblings.”

When this road trip adventure was in the planning stage, Gary and I made lists
of pros and cons of a year-long travel adventure.  One of the pros was meeting new people.  Yesterday, we met four friendly and fascinating people:  Carla, Ira, Jay, and Bob.  What an adventure!  What an experience!    

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