Things to do in Narragansett, RI

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Things to do in Narragansett, RI, include famed  beaches, ferry docks, fishing hamlets, and famous people.

I wish Gary and I had planned more time in Rhode Island (we were trying to hit each New England state before meeting Gary’s brother and his family in Philadelphia.)  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time in The Ocean State, but we didn’t waste a minute.

We didn’t waste a minute, but I didn’t take the time to list the beaches we visited in Rhode Island.  However, I did take lots of pictures (even if I can’t remember where each picture was taken.)

The First Beach we visited in Rhode Island might have been:
Narragansett Town Beach
Scarborough State Park Beach
Roger Wheeler State Beach
Salty Brine State Beach


At this beach, we watched two wind surfers,









 searched for seashells by the seashore,

and combed the beach for sea critters.  We found this . . .


From a historical fiction book, Belle thought we might have found a mermaid’s purse.
I will refrain from turning our beach outing into a biology lesson;
however, I will share with you that this find is an egg case for a skate,
which is commonly called a mermaid’s purse.
This find whetted our curiosity and led us on a research mission.
Our research mission turned into a week study of the difference Classes of fish.


We strolled the shoreline and found a fisherman’s trap.


While I kept watch for the fisherman, Gary checked the trap.
Neither we nor the fisherman trapped dinner for that night.

After Beach # 1, we drove to Station Point Judith.

rhode islandrhode island

We admired the view of Block Island Sound.  We walked the piers and located Point Judith Ferry Dock,
which provides year-round ferry service to Block Island.

rhode islandrhode island

Before leaving this area,  we drove through two nearby fishing hamlets just so we could say,  “We’ve been to Galilee and Jerusalem (Rhode Island)!”

Then we drove to Beach # 2.  We decided to stay awhile at this beach, because Belle and Buddy liked the surf better
at Beach # 2 than Beach # 1.

beach in RIWithout another friend around, it amazed (and pleased) me to see how Belle and Buddy became close friends
during our grand road trip adventure across the U.S.A.

RI beach

RI beach
“Look at Me!”






“Can’t pose for the camera, Mom. I’m busy!”



“Hey, Mom! My job is complete. Now you can snap a picture of me!”










While Belle and Buddy built trenches and dams instead of sand castles and moats, Gary and I strolled the shoreline and enjoyed the view.

DSCN7522As we strolled, we reflected on the past,
pondered about the present, and planned for the future.

rhode island surfshorebirds in RI

When Gary and I returned to Belle and Buddy,
we were surprised that they had made friends . . .


with two Corgis.

While the kids and dogs played, Gary and I talked to the owner of the Corgis.  We exchanged everyday pleasantries and engaged in idle chit-chat.  That is, until I complimented the owner of the Corgis on his voice –
a voice which I thought was made for radio.  A simple compliment opened the door to this man’s life story.
This man with the voice for radio had once been a soap-opera star in California and a restaurant owner in New York City.  In the City, he became involved in unsolicited dealings with the mob.  Today, this man divides his time between an apartment in NY and a beach home in RI.  Gary and I completely lost track of time as we learned more and more about this man.

As this man with a voice for radio walked away from us, I couldn’t resist snapping his picture.

the man with a voice for radioRI beach

We spent the entire afternoon at the beach.  After we returned to our home on wheels, after dinner was made, eaten and the dinner dishes washed, Gary googled the name of the man from the beach.  Gary confirmed the life story of the man with a voice for radio whom we happened to meet on beach in Rhode Island.  Who knew a simple compliment would reveal so much??



I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of the beaches around Narragansett.
Our family certainly enjoyed our time along the shores of the Ocean State.

Until we meet again,

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  1. I loved the pictures and particularly the story about the “man with the radio voice”. WOW…. it is amazing what you can learn about people if you just reach out to others!

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