Travel Bucket List across the USA

Gary and I hope to hit the road again. Someday.

We dream of taking another RV road trip.

When we do…

it will be just the two of us. It will be just the two of us because this fall (2017) we officially become empty-nesters. Belle will be entering her junior year at college and Buddy will be starting his first year at college.

In 2016, Gary committed to a two-year commitment at his current place of employment. This July he’ll have one more year to go. After July of 2018, we hope to hit the road again.

And as for me this next year, I’ve officially retired as a homeschool mom.
However, I haven’t left the homeschool arena.
I’m working on helping other moms homeschool successfully.

Whenever we do get back on the road, I want to be ready.

During our family’s year-long travel adventure across the USA, I spent a lot of time researching places to go and sites to see in each state. To save me some time when we hit the road again, I’ve decided to do my research before we go.

My plan is to start a new series next Monday. This series will be a Travel Bucket List across the USA.

travel bucket list across the usa

My goal is to research a state a week. Then compile my findings into a post for this blog.

I’ve already gotten started. And I’m so excited with the idea of living in an RV and traveling across the US again. This time with just my Knight.

For this series, I’m using “the 6 top-rated tourist attractions”, “the top 9 hidden gems”, “the top 10 great places”, “the top 20 things to do”, “the 30 must-see places”, and “the like” in each state. I’ll be compiling information and making a travel bucket list for each state from these five sources and one travel book (which is MIA at the moment).

Since our family quickly learned that we couldn’t go everywhere and see everything even on a year-long trip, I used categories to help us decide where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. For this series, I’ll be using the following categories to organize each state’s must-see places to go and sites to see:

  • For nature-lovers
  • For a scenic drive or a roadside attraction
  • For history-buffs
  • For city-slickers
  • For planes, trains, and automobile aficionados
  • For the uniqueness of a place

Besides categories, I’ll also be using asterisks to show how many times this particular place or specific site was mentioned in the resources I used.

My hope is that a travel bucket list for each state will not only save me time but will also save you time. Unless you love research, you won’t have to spend time searching for the top-rated tourist attractions in each state. You’ll only have to come back here and click on the state you want to visit.

Travel Bucket List across the USA

See you next Monday with our first state destination!

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