Faith-Filled Family’s Travel Bucket List for South Carolina

Travel Bucket List for South Carolina – Where to Go in the Palmetto State

Do you have a travel bucket list for destinations across the USA or Abroad?

How about a travel bucket list specifically for South Carolina?

If you’re planning a trip to South Carolina and don’t know where you should go and what you should do, here’s

Faith-Filled Family's Travel Bucket List for South Carolina

Faith-Filled Family’s Travel Bucket List for South Carolina

For Nature-Lovers

***** South Carolina’s premier beach resort and America’s Top Island

**** one of Charleston’s Top 10 Sites to See and one of the oldest living trees in the country

*** Myrtle Beach

*** some best hiking in SC and a 420ft cascading waterfall

*** one of South Carolina’s most unspoiled and natural sights and one last places in country to see old-growth hardwood forest

** one of the top bird watching places on the East Coast

** one of Charleston’s most gorgeous places to visit

* an urban oasis in Greenville, SC

* the home of more than 10k plants and animals

For a Scenic Drive or a Roadside Attraction

* reportedly the world’s largest peach

* the most unusual roadside attraction in South Carolina

For History-Buffs

*** where the American Civil War began

** the most visited Plantation home and gardens in Charleston

* this Historic District in the one of the South’s most beautiful cities

* one of South Carolina’s most popular state parks

This historic site didn’t make the cut for this list; however, our family had a great time here.

For City-Slickers

**** the top city destination in South Carolina

* the capital

* South Carolina State House

For Planes, Trains, and Automobile Aficionados

*a rare collection of American made cars

For the Uniqueness of a Place

** the only tea plantation in North America

Our family’s sightseeing, roadschooling adventure at this working tea plantation.

Do you live in South Carolina?
Have you visited The Palmetto State?
What places should we add to our Travel Bucket List for South Carolina?

If you’ve just landed on this page and don’t know about this series,
then head over here to read the introductory post for this series.

Come back next week and I’ll share our Bucket List for The Sunshine State.

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