Turbulence on the Second Leg of our Planning

We encountered turbulence as we planned our trip to travel across the USA in an RV.
In March, not only did I begin real estate research,

but I also began the task of de-cluttering and cleaning in order to put our home on the market. It amazed me how much we had accumulated in ten years, especially when nine of those years were spent homeschooling. (You can’t even imagine the books, the binders, and the papers unless you too have walked this journey or have visited our stick and brick house.)

Wanting our closets and cabinets to look spacious, I removed every unnecessary item and organized every essential item. Wanting our home to sparkle, I cleaned our home from the crown molding to the baseboards and everything in between.

After a couple of days of e-mail correspondence, I actually spoke to not one but two realtors on the phone on the morning of March 12th. I scheduled two appointments for the following week.

Not only would the realtors be evaluating our home, but Gary and I would also be interviewing the realtors. We had learned from our past mistakes.

The tasks and activities on March 12th continued throughout the day. In fact, it was a whirlwind of a day in March.

Since March 12th was a significant day in our planning and preparing journey, I need to share with you all the events of that day. The speed of this flight and my storytelling slows down now, because the headwinds begin now.  In addition to the headwinds, I must also prepare you to keep you seat belts fasten.  During the headwinds, we will encounter some turbulence.

Let’s have a flight check before the turbulence begins.

  • Gary and I returned home from a planning session with a plan to turn our dream into a reality.
  • I returned home from that weekend get-a-away and set to work immediately preparing for departure.
  • Gary returned home and went back to work.
  • When Gary returned to work, his discontentment and discouragement also returned.
  • The darkness, which had been present before our weekend get-a-way, descended over the entire house like a burial shroud.
  • This shroud drained the life out of Gary and me while also affecting Belle and Buddy.
  • For Gary, in this darkness, the improbability of turning our dream into a reality had returned.
  • Unfortunately, Gary began to question our decision to proceed toward our dream.

With Belle at the barn and Buddy at scouts, Gary and I had the chance to talk openly and honestly about our dream and our plans.

This was not a scheduled meeting at Starbucks or a cottage in the woods.

This was an impromptu meeting in the middle of our kitchen. I can still visualize the scene. I can visualize the scene because so many emotions were involved.

At this point, I was actually tired of discussions.
In my mind, we had made a decision.
A plan had been put into action by us.

And I had been working diligently and continually toward that plan.

However, if my knight had doubts and wanted to change his mind
and our plan, I was willing to listen and I was willing to discuss.

But, I did not want only a discussion, I wanted a plan to follow the discussion.

Whether to proceed toward our dream or devise a different plan was open for discussion, as long as the discussion ended up with a plan for me to act upon. (Remember Gary is the planner and I am the doer.)

Fortunately, both of us knew that if we planned nothing, nothing would change.
And our current life without a change was not an option.  Change had to come.

Luckily, both of us acknowledged that Gary had to leave his current work environment. This fact was not open for discussion.

Unfortunately, the same topics came up for discussion once again.
Was turning our dream into reality possible or improbable?
Should we proceed with our plans?

I was tired of talking.

Hadn’t we discussed this already?
Why do we continue to discuss what has already been determined?

I became frustrated.

As the discussion continued to revolve around the possibility or improbability of turning our dream into a reality, my tiredness and frustration escalated.

In fact, I cried out a warning or a plea; I don’t know which.

I explained to Gary that I was tired of talking.
I commented to my knight that I was frustrated
that he continued to have doubts about our plan.
I complained that I did not know what else to do.

So, in order for me to proceed with anymore plans for an RV adventure,
because I was also tired of getting my hopes up for fulfilling our dream,
God would have to drop an RV down from the sky,
and our house would have to sell out from underneath us.

Gary fought with his discouragement and discontentment from work.
My knight wrestled with doubt about changing his course and acting on a dream.
And now,
I was tired, frustrated, and discouraged.

With my warning cry, neither Gary nor I knew what else to say.
By default, the impromptu meeting in the middle of the kitchen was adjourned.

Unfortunately, Gary and I retreated and fell into silence.
Eventually, the time came for Gary to leave in order to pick up Buddy from scouts.

Once again, we had not made a final decision.
Without a final decision, we had no workable plan.
Without a workable plan, crucial and urgent change could not appear.
And without a workable plan,
neither Gary nor I had direction.

Our flight continues tomorrow,

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