Virtual Tour of Pikes Peak Highway

How our Family Explored Pikes Peak

If you just found this page, you might want to read other ways to explore Pikes Peak and while you’re there you can also read about Pikes Peak namesake, Zebulon Montgomery Pike.

Our family decided to explore America’s Mountain from the Pikes Peak Highway.

The Pikes Peak Highway

  • was constructed in 1915
  • is a 19-mile toll road which costs $10 per person (2012 price)
    • if you look online, you might be able to find a coupon – using a coupon we paid only $8 per person
  • begins in the Cascade and climbs 6,715 feet before reaching the summit.
  • includes a visitor center, picnic grounds, interpretive tails, and educational programs (depending on the season)

On a Road Trip Adventure across the USA,

I missed America’s Mountain.

Since I was suffering from a headache (questionable altitude sickness) and am an acute sufferer of motion sickness, I decided to stay at the campsite at 5,990 feet instead of riding along Pikes Peak Highway, which
is known for its switchbacks, and climbing to an elevation of 14,100 feet.

A Virtual Tour of Pikes Peak from our Family’s time on Pikes Peak Highway

Entering Pikes Peak Highway through the Tollgate
Took a Left Turn and Drove Up and Up and Up a Steep Hill
Entered the Mountain Life Zone at about 8,000 ft.

Passed but did not stop at the first outlook, Camera Point
Passed but did not stop at the second outlook, Crowe Gulch

crowe gulch

but did snap pictures through the Window

Entered Pike National Forest

pike national forest

Saw the Sign for Big Foot, but decided not to Stop

Gained little elevation along the Winding highway through the Aspen Forests
Passed every Pull-Out and every Trail Head because my Family wanted to Reach the Summit

Saw Crystal Reservoir

crystal reservoir

Drove over the Dam and Passed the Crystal Reservoir Visitor Center

Saw the sign for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
(Just FYI – at top speeds the summit can be reached in under 10 mins)

pikes peak highway

Continued the Drive to the Summit on a Twisting and Turning highway

 Passed the Halfway Picnic Grounds between Mile Markers 9 and 10

Halfway Picnic Grounds

halfway picinc grounds

 Saw lots and lots of Snow, but did not Stop

Entered the Subalpine Life Zone at Mile Marker 10
Reached an Elevation of 11,000 feet at Mile Marker 11

pikes peak highway

Stopped at 11,000 feet
for Belle, Buddy, and Fannie to play in the Snow


snow on pikes peak snow on pikes peak

pikes peak highway pikes peak highway

 Continued the Drive and Gary enjoyed navigating the Switchbacks
Passed the Ski Area and Entered the Alpine Life Zone
somewhere around Mile Marker 12 


Saw a metal Gate across the Road at Mile Marker 13 –
the Pikes Peak Highway had been CLOSED
due to High Winds

Reached an Elevation of only 11,450 feet on Pikes Peak Highway
Now having more time, Stopped at the Historic Glen Cove Inn
pikes peak highwayglen cove inn

glen cove inn on pikes peak highway

 pikes peak  pikes peak

pikes peak

pikes peak

playing in the snow in CO playing in the snow in CO

playing in the snow playing in the snow

i did it

and Played in the Snow
then my Family began their Descent down Pikes Peak Highway

pikes peak highway pikes peak highway

Stopped at Mile Marker 12 to play in the Snow again

pikes peak highway

snow tunnelssnow angels

Made snow Caves and snow Angels
Turned Fannie into a snow Dog

snow dogspikes peak snow

  pikes peakgirl and her dog

Resumed the Descent


Stopped at Crystal Reservoir Visitor Center
and walked to the frozen edge

crystal reservoir

girl and her dogcrystal reservoir

 Saw the sign for Big Foot a second time

big foot

and Stopped for a Photo-Op
Left Pike National Forest

pike national forest

Passed the Tollgate and Exited Pikes Peak Highway
Said Good-bye to Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain

Returned to the campground and Me
and Told me all about Exploring Pikes Peak
but First my Family had a Surprise for me

snow from pikes peaksnow from pikes peaksnow ball fight

they Brought home Snow from Pikes Peak to Show me (and Throw at me)

On a Road Trip Adventure across the USA, I might have missed America’s Mountain in person.

But after learning about Pikes Peak, hearing their stories, and seeing the pictures they took,

I feel like I got a glimpse of America’s mountain.

I hope this Virtual Tour of Pikes Peak Highway gave you a glimpse of America’s Mountain.

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