Where did we Go on a Road Trip across the USA

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When we finally made a decision to live out our dream and travel across the USA in an RV,

we left our home without a route mapped out.

We didn’t know where we were going or where we might end up/

We talked about traveling through as many states as we could, touring as many state capitals as we passed, and visiting as many national parks as we wanted.

By the end of our travel adventure,

we had traveled across the USA and even ventured into Canada.

Take a Look…

Where Did we Go on a Road Trip across the USA?

tripline map - headed home, TN

And read all about our Travel Adventure…

Here’s a short answer to Where did we Go for those who asked this question at the grocery store.

Here’s a longer answer to Where did we Go when we’re asked this question at a small gathering.

And here’s the story for anyone who wants to travel virtually across the USA with us.

And What about the States we Missed

We had every intention of visiting Ohio, Arkansas, and Missouri on a year-long travel adventure.

However, by the time we were back on the road in our home on wheels, we were ready to head home. 

But I’m already making plans for a second RV travel adventure just for my husband and me.

And we decided that Ohio will be our first stop.

As for The Last Frontier and The Aloha State,

Gary and I have already been to Hawaii (and hope to go again)

And as for visiting the Last Frontier, Belle thinks a trip to Alaska would be a great graduation gift from college.

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