Why Take a Family RV Road Trip? Reason # 2

Why Take a Family RV Road Trip? Reason # 2

Yesterday, I shared with you one reason why our family decided to take a road trip.

Another reason our family decided to take a road trip was because . . .

Gary and I decided it was time to discover our passions and to live with purpose.

We knew we needed to change.   Wanted to change.  And made the decision to live life differently.

But deciding and doing are two different steps.


We were tired of living the life of normalcy and following others.
We decided we wanted to lead our own way.

We asked God for courage to deliberately walk away from normalcy and to boldly choose another path.

As we waited for courage and direction to take action, I came across a newspaper article that I had read many years ago.  At the time, I liked what it said so I cut the article out of the paper.  However, at that time, the article didn’t motivate
me to make a change.  I just filed the article away.  When I came across the article this time, I was ready to make a change.

The title of the article was simple:  Marbles in a Jar.

The math of the article was uncomplicated.

With the average life expectancy at 77.6 years, I can hope to live an average of 28,324 days.

Since I have already lived 42 years, I only have 12,994 days left to live.

The analogy of the article was straightforward:

Marbles represent the days you have left to live and the Jar represents your Life.

The article’s call to action was simple and doable:

Place a jar in a prominent place in your house or office.

Place the number of marbles in your jar that represent the days in your life you have left to live.

At that time, I would need 12,994 marbles.

Remove and throw away one marble from the jar each day.

The message of the article is one I had heard many times:

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, so we should live life to the fullest every day.

The message and implications of this article’s call to action made me wonder:

How grateful would I be for a new day if I removed a marble from the jar in the morning and placed it in my pocket?

How purposeful would my thoughts and actions become as I felt the marble in my pocket throughout the day?

How much would I change and grow as I watched the marbles diminish from my jar of life?

Why did Gary and I decided to take a road trip? 

Because we wanted to find our passion and live with purpose.
And we didn’t want to waste any more of our precious and few marbles.

sunrise in PA

Until we meet again,

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    • Glad you enjoy the pictures because I have so so many photos I want to share with you! It is easy to be an amateur photographer when you have the beauty of America to photograph. For me, the photos add feeling to my words.

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