Sharing our Road Trip Adventure

Why do I want to share our dreams, faith, and travel adventure with you?

me in acadia national park

Because I have fears.

I have a fear that I will gradually forget our grand road trip adventure.

But I have a plan so that I don’t forget.

My plan is to start this blog.

With my words, I can share our travel adventure with you.

With my photos, I can show you our great nation.

Through this blog, you can travel virtually across the USA with us.

In sharing our RV road trip on this blog, not only will I relive our once in a lifetime opportunity
but I will also etch our family’s travel adventure in my mind, soul and heart so I can remember
our grand road trip adventure forever.

I have an even greater fear that I am unable/unwilling to see and follow guiding stepping stones from God.

When we returned home from our travel adventure, I felt as if my faith journey had ended too.

At home, I felt lost.

I didn’t want Gary and I to fall back onto the path of normalcy, but I didn’t feel God’s direction.

I felt as if His guiding stepping stones had sunk beneath ground level.

At home, I wandered for direction.

My early morning wanderings began when I was awakened suddenly.

These awakenings were startling because words swarm in my head and didn’t stop
until I put those words on paper.

Looking back, I can now see that God was still with me.

My path and God’s guiding stepping stones had only been covered underneath

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

snow in utah

and snow.
Through the winter, I wandered and didn’t see the stepping stones of feel God’s presence.

But today, I see that Spring has arrived while I wandered, prayed, and waited through fall and winter.

Today, I can see the flowers blooming and hear the birds singing.

But more importantly, I can see stepping stones and a path before me once again.

buschart gardens

Not only can I see stepping stones, but I can also feel a gentle breeze and a guiding nudge.

This guiding nudge requires me to face my fears and step on in faith again.

flipflops in the sand

To tackle my fear of forgetting our road trip adventure, I have decided to start this blog.

Being a non-techie, creating this blog is a giant leap of faith because I don’t know anything about blogging.

This leap of faith is so far outside of my comfort zone that I can’t even see home base.

But one thing that I have learned on this faith journey:

Tackling my fears and living outside of my comfort zone makes me feel alive.

What makes you feel alive?
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