Who am I?

Who is this faith-filled family who traveled the U.S.A.?

Before I answer this question, I would imagine you want to know who I am.

robinWho am I?

My name is Robin.

And just like you, I have a story to tell.

And now is the time to share my story.


Through this blog, I want to share my story with you as a faith journey and as a travelogue.

On an RV Road Trip across our country,
the stunning beautyDSCN6722

and impressive diversity


  of this great nation captivated and amazed me.

But before our family could turn our dream into a reality and set off on a travel adventure,

My husband and I had to make the decision to pursue our dream.

And this decision-making process took some time,

because we had to choose to step off a secure path of normalcy
and take a leap of faith
in order to live out our dream
and take a road trip across the America.

stepping stones on a road trip across the usa

Months after we returned home from our grand adventure,

I came to the conclusion that the journey of faith in preparing for an RV adventure had a greater impact on me
than the actual road trip.

Today, not only am I excited to share our travel adventure with you, but I am also inspired to share my faith journey too.

When our family leaped out in faith, we saw God unfold a path of stepping stones that helped us turn our dream into a reality.

We planned and worked hard to live out our dream, but along the way we saw and heard guiding stepping stones fall into place.

But why do I feel I need to share our story?

robin in acadiaBecause I have fears.

The first fear I have is that I will forget our time on the road.

I don’t want to forget, so I started this blog to relive my faith journey
and share our travel adventure with you.

In doing so, I hope to etch in my mind, in my soul, and in my heart our once in a lifetime opportunity.

But I also hope our story inspires you to leap out in faith and live out your own dream.


But I have an even greater fear.

I fear that I will be unable unwilling to following stepping stones which God lays before me.

When we returned home from our travel adventure, I felt as if my faith journey had also ended.

At home, I felt lost.

I no longer saw or heard guiding stepping stones fall into place.

I did not want to fall back on the path of normalcy, but I didn’t know where I should go.

At home, I wandered for direction.

Through months of wandering,

I couldn’t see guiding stones underneath the autumn leaves,

fallen leaves

or feel God’s presence under a blanket of snow. snow scene

After searching God in prayer, patience, and waiting, I began to see a path before me again.

Stepping stones came in  the form of whispers and words.

I would be awakened in the early morning hours with ideas and words swarming in my head.  These words and ideas remained in my head until put on paper.

As I began to journal my feelings and our road trip adventure, I noticed that spring had arrived around me.

I could hear birds singing, see flowers blooming, and feel a gentle breeze.

butchart gardens

But most importantly,
I felt a whisper to step out in faith again.

This step in faith led me to start a blog.

DSCN5808For this non-technical person, starting this blog is truly a giant leap of faith outside of my comfort zone.

However, as I have begun to share my faith journey (and eventually our travel adventure) with you through this blog, I can feel my comfort zone expanding.

And I’m just now learning that when you live outside your comfort zone, you aren’t merely existing day-to-day but living out dreams.

Even though, I can’t see where the stepping stones and this blog are taking me, but I’m willing to walk in faith to see what’s around the corner.

Until we meet again,

4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. It was great to meet you today and hear part of your story. I really think God has great plans for you as you share this experience with everyone. Looking forward to reading all about it and traveling vicariously through you.

    • Welcome Aboard! I am thankful God placed you in my path yesterday. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, your experience, and your passions. From our conversation yesterday, be sure to check out the post on May 30, “Marriage is a Puzzle and Life is a Puzzling Journey”. I hope you enjoy the journey with us!

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